Is excessive curing for brick work is good or bad for the walls ?

Answer : First of all, we make the concrete cube at some mix proposition as M15, M20…
  • Excessive curing is bad for the walls because it causes fungi formation on the bricks which may weaken the walls.

Importance of Curing

  • Curing is the process of controlling the rate and extent of moisture loss from concrete to ensure an uninterrupted hydration of Portland cement after concrete has been placed and finished in its final position.
  • Curing also ensures to maintain an adequate temperature of concrete in its early stages, as this directly affects the rate of hydration of cement and eventually the strength gain of concrete or mortars.
  • Curing of concrete must begin as soon as possible after placement & finishing and must continue for a reasonable period of time as per the relevant standards, for the concrete to achieve its desired strength and durability. Uniform temperature should also be maintained throughout the concrete depth to avoid thermal shrinkage cracks. Also protective measures to control moisture loss from the concrete surface are essential to prevent plastic shrinkage cracks.
  • In a nut shell, curing process is designed primarily to keep the concrete moist by controlling the loss of moisture from the body of concrete, during the given period in which it gains strength.
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