What is the difference between Apache Hadoop and Cloudera in big data ?

Answer : Apache Hadoop is the Hadoop distribution from Apache group…

Difference between Apache Hadoop and Cloudera in big data

  • Apache Hadoop is the Hadoop distribution from Apache group.
  • Cloudera Hadoop has its own supply of Hadoop which is designed on top of Apache Hadoop. so it does not have latest release of Hadoop.
  • Cloudera Hadoop contains extra tools. while Hadoop distributions like Cloudera Search, Impala, Cloudera Navigator and Cloudera Manager these are not involved in Cloudera Hadoop.
  • These additional tools turns out Cloudera Hadoop to be slightly open source and proprietary.
Distribution hadoop
  • Apache Hadoop is very important to use to cope up with any data, no matter how large or what type or complex it is. It works like a fluid way or can say it is very faster, cheaper and reliable analytic tool than others.
  • Even, it can easily work on unstructured, and schemaless data and people can easily ground their data into a format without reformating or putting any other efforts.
  • Apart from this, via Apache Hadoop various programming model has been simplified to allow you to quickly write and test the software in distributed systems.
  • This is an open-source Apache Hadoop distribution usually, focus on enterprise-class deployments.
  • Cloudera Inc is a very popular American software company, known for providing Apache Hadoop-based software, services, and full support for the same.
  • With Cloudera, it is said that Hadoop is just a starting to create your data management strategy, and you can easily use the same to add the security and other various functions to create an enterprise-grade foundation for your data.
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