Difference between DBMS and File System

File System


A software that manages and organizes the file in storage medium is called as file system. DBMS is  software application that is used for creating, accessing and managing databases.
Data Storage and Data representation details is provided by the file system Data that hides the details is given an abstraction in DBMS.
Storing and retrieving data cannot be done efficiently in this system. A wide variety of methods to store data and retrieve data can be done efficiently through DBMS.
Data Recovery process is not possbile In DBMS Data Backup Recovery is possible.
File system does not have a crash recovery mechanism It provides crash recovery mechanism.
Protecting a file system is very difficult Offers good protection mechanism
Redundancy of data is greater in file system Redundancy of data is lower in DBMS
File system has a higher data inconsistency DBMS has a lower data inconsistency
File system offer less security DBMS offer higher security
File System allows you to stores the data as isolated data files and entities. Database Management System stores data as well as defined constraints and interrelation.
Support for complicated transactions is not supported Easy to implement complicated transactions.
The centralization process is hard in File Management System. Centralization is easy to achieve in the DBMS system.
Back up and recovery of data is not possible if the data is lost. DBMS system provides backup and recovery of data even if it is lost.
No efficient query processing in file system You can easily query data in a database using the SQL language.
This system doesn’t offer concurrency. DBMS system provides a concurrency facility.
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