Explain the struts-configuration file ?

Explain the struts-configuration file ?

  • The struts-config.xml configuration file is a link between the View and Model components in the Web Client.
  • It plays an important role in building both Controller components and Application-specific configurations.
  • In Web NMS, this file is created specific to every application in the format as <module>-struts-config.xml.

The configuration file basically contains three main elements :

  • <form-beans>
  • <global-forwards>
  • <action-mappings>

The Struts-config.xml File

The elements of the <module>-struts-config.xml file and their usage are described for an example module such as "fault".


    • Is the root node of the configuration file.


      • The Form beans create ActionForm instances at runtime.
      • The details of each form bean are provided in the <form-bean> element.
      • The <form-property> elements within the form bean contain the property names and the property types of the form bean.

      global forwards

        • This section maps a page on your webapp to a name.
        • You can use this name to refer to the actual page.
        • This avoids hardcoding URLs on your web pages.


          • Each action mapping is defined in an <action> element.
          • The <forward> definition within <action>, maps the result of the action to the jsp page invoked.
          • This is a 'local' forward and is optional. That is, for the particular request object, if there is no forward defined in the global forwards, it is specified in the <action-mapping> element.


            • The <controller> enables to configure the ActionServlet.
            • The <controller> element defines the <action> elements in Fault to be local or global ActionForward names.


              • The <plug-in> element is used to include plug-ins in struts.
              • The Web Client uses the Tiles plug-in and the Struts Validator plug-in.

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