Difference between Splunk and Tableau ? - splunk developer interview questions

Difference between Splunk and Tableau:

 Difference between Splunk and Tableau

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Splunk Tableau
Splunk Enterprise users work with business
users to explore data in splunk and identify of
data of interest.Storing these results as saved searches
makes them available in tableau.
Tableau users access saved searches in splunk to continue data exploration for further business analytics.
Splunk could be a web search engine for
unstructured data and may even be treated as a
near-real-time observation tool; Splunk additionally
provides the visual presentation of your data.
Tableau is a visualization tool. People compare Tableau with Splunk when they measure Splunk as a visualization tool.
Splunk software has been around since 2006 and
also the company has since grown to become an
business leader. Splunk's vision is to create
machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone.
Tableau could be a BI-focused software company that gives a large amount of related visualization tools that facilitate businesses verify high quantities of data during a fast, clever,and user-friendly way.
Splunk advertising being a big data platform.
It really could be a system monitoring tool.
It may be a big data platform however
it had been originally build for IT and Developers.
Tableau was design for business decision manufacturers, analyst and data scientists. However you'll get splunk to do all a similar things at a much higher efficient price and maintenance.

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