Char vs Varchar in SQL



Char data type is used for storing single character values It is a SQL Code that helps in storing variable character
Used to store characters string of fixed length specified If a length of a string is less than the set or fixed length then it will store as it is without including any extra blank spaces.


Size is fixed. Cannot be changed during runtime Storage size of VARCHAR datatype is equal to the actual length of the entered string in bytes.


Can Store only characters We should use this datatype when we expect the data values in a column are of variable length.


Memory is allocation is Static Memory is allocated Dynamically
Per Character contains 1 byte For Storing it uses 1 byte per character Plus 1 or 2 extra bytes for stroing varying length.
Since the size of the char is fixed and cannot be changed, there will be a memory wastage.


To store a character string value of set length then varchar data type is used
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