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What is an Appointment Letter

Appointment Letter-When you apply for a particular job, you may have to undergo a selection process. If you are selected after passing all the selection process,

What is an Appointment Letter?

When you apply for a particular job, you may have to undergo a selection process. If you are selected after passing all the selection process, then the employer may request you to join for a particular position by giving an appointment letter. Such an appointment letter is also called as a job offer letter.

This letter is written by an employer to inform the candidate that he or she has been selected for a particular position in the company. In this letter, an employer will state the terms and conditions related to a particular job and will also describe your work responsibilities.

Through such letters, it becomes convenient for an employer to convey the information to the selected candidates.

Features of Appointment Letter

Some of the features associated with an appointment letter are like:

  • It is written by an employer
  • It is always written in a business letter format or formal format
  • Positive tone is always used to convey the message to a particular candidate
  • It is basically a documentary evidence, which signifies that you have been selected for a particular position

Different Things to Consider While Drafting an Appointment Letter

Being an employer, it always becomes important to write an error-free letter. The employer should not go wrong with English or content of the letter. Here are few things that as an employer you need to consider while drafting an appointment letter:

  • It is important for you to express kindness and this can be done by congratulating a selected candidate
  • Your letter should always showcase a positive message
  • Don’t forget to mention the joining date, place and time in an appointment letter
  • You can mention terms and condition related to a particular working position but ensure that a good tone is used to perform this task
  • Mention few perks that you are providing
  • State the salary amount precisely
  • Mention details about the responsibilities that you are expecting from an employee

The appointment letter given by you works as an evidence and so it is important to draft it properly.

Appointment Letter Writing Tips

The appointment letter is an important document for a prospective employee and so it is important for you to draft it precisely as an employer. Here are few appointment letter writing tips:

  • It is important for you to add the date of correspondence. Apart from this, you should mention the name and address of the candidate. If you mention correct details, then no one can make misuse of the letter.
  • Don’t forget to add the designation for which the candidate has been selected. Mention the joining date in an appointment letter without fail.
  • Two copies of the letter are needed among which one is original and another is a duplicate copy. Original letter copy is always handed over to a selected candidate and duplicate copy is preserved in the company records. It is also always essential to print the letter on a proper letterhead.
  • Is the employment contractual? If yes, then do mention the tenancy period in an appointment letter.
  • Is the employment position permanent? If yes, then do mention the probation period as well as the leave structure.
  • There are certain companies that make employee, sign a bond. If your company is the same, then don’t forget to mention the terms and conditions related to the bond.
  • Important information related to the employment should be highlighted in such a letter.
  • You should mention the details related to the salary structure properly and write give information about salary slabs. You should also mention details about an incentive structure.

This letter is usually given by the HR of the company and is the very important type of business letter.

Difference Between an Appointment Letter & Offer Letter

The appointment letter and offer letter, both represents different stages of recruitment process. It is said that offer letter repeats the stuff related to employment opportunity, working date, compensation etc.

It requires you to submit photographs, certain documents, certified copies etc. All mentioned things are needed for the sake of an employee verification. You should know that on the hand, an appointment letter is issued after a particular offer is accepted.

Difference in offer letter and appointment letter process

Once a particular company makes a decision to hire a candidate, then it offers an offer letter to join the firm on a particular date.

This process can allow a prospective employee to take a time to resign from the current working position in a particular firm.

On the other hand, an appointment letter is issued when an offer is accepted by the candidate.

In an offer letter, in the beginning, itself you can find details related to your future joining dates. On the other hand, appointment letter is issued few days before your joining date. The appointment letter is issued when all required documents mentioned in the offer letter are submitted. If a candidate does not respond to an offer letter within the stated time period, then the firm has right to cancel the offer.

Generally, offer letter asks a candidate to complete the documentation work by demanding original copies of identification, degree certification, social security data etc. Understand that an offer letter is not a contract between employee and employer.

The appointment letter differs from the offer letter because in this letter, some of the details related to particulars of the job are discussed. In this letter legal terms of employment are discussed like job duties, responsibilities, leave entitlement, bonuses, termination clause etc.

Format of an Appointment Letter

Here is the format of an appointment letter

  • Date of correspondence
  • Name of employer
  • Address of employer
  • Subject of letter
  • Body of letter
  • Salutation

In the body of letter, some of the things that can be included are like:

  • Date of joining
  • Probation
  • Salary
  • HRA
  • Traveling details
  • Bonus details
  • Tax deductions
  • Duties and obligations
  • Increment
  • Transfer
  • Termination clauses
  • Retirement details, etc.



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