Birthday Letter

Happy Birthday Letter

Birthday Letter-Saying happy birthday is easy when it comes to texting or carrying out telephonic conversation. The difficulty arises when you want to convey your gratitude by means of writing a birthday letter.

What is a Birthday Letter?

Saying happy birthday is easy when it comes to texting or carrying out telephonic conversation. The difficulty arises when you want to convey your gratitude by means of writing a birthday letter. If you want to make your near and dear ones feel happy, then writing a birthday letter can be an amazing idea. It adds a personal touch to your birthday wishes.

You should write the letter in such a way that it reveals your true emotions. Birthdays are special because to celebrate the life of your loved one or a friend. It is a common idea to gift the birthday card. Writing a birthday letter can be a great idea because it can allow you to express your personal feelings in and out. In other words, it can be said that such letter writing can give you the room to express your inner feelings.

The birthday message that you want to convey via such letter should be clear and understandable. You can start such letter by giving your warm wishes and can also add a little humour to it. If you are trying to add some humour then insure that it is within the context of your friendship.

Say no to superfluous praise because exaggerating your emotions cannot make the reader feel happy. After giving warm wishes you can add a small section in your letter that describes your history with the birthday girl or the birthday boy.

You can go to the flashback in such letters to describe your relationship with the reader. The birthday letter is all about making the reader feel happy about his or her existence in your life.

How to Mention Birthday Wishes in the Birthday Letters?

Here are few ways to convey the birthday wishes:

  • In the starting of the letter itself, you can congratulate your loved ones on their birthday.
  • If your relationship with the reader is extremely friendly, then you can add some humour in context with the age of the reader.
  • You can also add a line that describes, how well they have aged.
  • Your letter will look genuine when you convey a direct birthday statement expressing your wishes.
  • In order to give a personalized touch to your letter, you can share your few personal moments with that reader.
  • Whom you are writing this birthday letter? Depending on the answer to this question you can select the formal or informal tone of a letter.
  • The tone of the letter also depend on the age of the reader. If the letter is written to express your feelings for a kid, then you can use the story format to express your wishes.

Tips to Write the Birthday Party Invitation Letter

If you are writing a birthday party letter to invite your dear ones, then here are the few tips that you need to follow:

  • It is important for you to show your excitement while writing a birthday party letter. In order to show your enthusiasm, make use of good words rather than using lifeless or dull words.
  • Have you selected any birthday party theme? If yes, then inform about the theme in your birthday party invitation letter. Encourage your guest to attend the function and follow the theme. This can make your birthday party fun-loving and exciting.
  • The birthday party invitation letter should always have a formal tone. If you are writing a different birthday party letter for your friends and siblings, then you can make use of an informal tone.
  • Even in the birthday party invitation letter, you can add humour to make it look exciting. In such letters, you can make use of funky fonts. If it is a surprise birthday party invitation, then you can make use of mismatched letters.

Tips to Write Thank You Birthday Letter

After your surprise birthday party is done, don’t hesitate to write a thank-you birthday letter. Writing such a letter is the good way to express your gratitude. Start such letter writing with a proper salutation and further you can keep a casual tone of the letter. Show your gratitude by thanking a reader to attend your birthday party.

Be thankful to the reader for bringing amazing present or gift item for you. If you want to add the personal touch to your thank you birthday letter then it is advisable to give a hand written letter.

How to Find an Alternate Way to Say Happy Birthday?

Do you find saying a simple “happy birthday” to be common? If yes, then try to find some alternate ways to say a happy birthday. Understand one thing that sending a birthday letter means showcasing your happiness for the reader and wishing him or her a good luck. Here are few different ways of saying a simple happy birthday:

  • Many happy returns of the day
  • Hope you have a great day
  • Warm wishes on your birthday
  • Happy day! You entered this world today!
  • Wishing you a year that’s blessed
  • Wishing you happiness and lots of luck
  • Wishing you good luck for the coming year
  • Wishing all your dreams may come true
  • Eat, drink, and be merry!

How to Wish Happy Birthday in different languages?

Are you tired of saying boring happy birthday in a simple English language? If yes, then why not try any other language? You can make use of a language of the place that is loved by the reader. Here are few languages in which you can try saying a happy birthday:

  • In Punjabi, you can say, Janam din Mubarak
  • In Spanish, you can say, Feliz Cumplea–os
  • In Japanese, you can say, Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu
  • In French, you can say, Joyeux Anniversaire
  • In Arabic, you can say, Eid milad sa’aid
  • In German, you can say, Alles Gute zum Geburtstag

How to Choose an Appropriate Closing for a Birthday Letter?

While closing a birthday letter you can make use of the following phrases:

  • Party on
  • Say cheers
  • Lots of hugs and kisses
  • Let us eat the cake
  • Celebrating you
  • Thinking of you.

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