Charity Letter

Charity Letter

Charity Letter- Do you want to raise funds for any special cause? If yes, then in such a scenario writing a charity letter can be the suitable option.

What is the Charity Letter Writing?

Do you want to raise funds for any special cause? If yes, then in such a scenario writing a charity letter can be the suitable option. This type of letter is also called as fundraising letter. You can send such a letter to a known or an unknown recipient.

In such a letter, you need to send a request to the recipient to donate the funds. The formal letter writing style can be adopted to write such a letter because it falls within the domain of the formal letters.

It is not an easy task to get in touch with people and make a request for such some voluntary contributions. Writing a charity letter can be a good initiative from your side to get in touch with a recipient.

How to write a charity letter?

The charity letter has to be an attention grabbing letter. In the top of the letter, you can add some basic information and then can personalize the letter to a donor. In such a letter you should state the importance of contributions so that reader can get the convincing reasons for the donations.

Provide basic information about the charity firm

Make use of charity’s letterhead, if you want to print the letter. See to it that the letterhead you make use of includes the name and contact details of the charity firm.

Add name and address of the donor

Before including date, it is important for you to add the name and address of the donor to the left hand side. After that, you can add a date on the right side of the letter.

You can draft a personalized letter

First, step to make the letter personalized is by adding the name of the donor with the salutation. You can mention the donation related story or bold questions in the body of the letter to make it look personalized.

Give charity updates to the donor

Explain details about your last charity campaign and state its success story. This can motivate the recipient for making donations. If you are organizing any kind of the fundraising event for the specific project, then mention details about it in your charity letter.

Request for donations

Before requesting for donations, it is important on your part to emphasize over the charity work. You can also make the suggestions related to the donation amount. How can donation make a difference? Give answer to this question in detail while asking for donations.

How lack of donation can affect your mission? You should also give an answer to this question in the body of the charity letter.

Be thankful in advance

You should always be thankful to the recipient in advance for taking the time to read your letter. Include your gratitude for the past donations made by the recipient and express your happiness in advance for their current contributions. Explain the recipient about the consequences of not making donations.

Include friendly closing

In such a letter, it is important for you to add a friendly closing because it can create a good impact on a reader. For instance, you can use “Kind Regards”. Add your full name after leaving some space for your signature. It is advisable to sign the charity letters before sending it to the recipients.

Few Steps to Follow to Write a Request Letter for a Charity

You can make use of a request letter for a charity to send it to an individual or the company. Here are the few steps that you need to follow in order to write a request letter for a charity:

First step

Entering right day is important while sending such a letter to the potential donors.

Second step

Say no to generic letters! It is advisable to address a recipient individually while planning to write such a letter. “To whomsoever it may concern” or just a “Hello”, such greetings may not work effectively. It is important to address people by their names in order to make the letter look effective.

Third step

How will the donations be used? You need to mention such details in the first paragraph itself so that reader can stay connected with your letter further.

Fourth step

It is important to give donation details in the second paragraph, in order to make people emotionally involved with your letter. This can encourage the reader to make donations.

Fifth step

How can a recipient donate money to the charity? Give answer to this question in the third paragraph. If there is charity’s website, then mention the detail about the donation link. If you need cheque, then place the address details, where a recipient can forward the cheque.

Sixth step

“Many Thanks” or “Kindest Regards” are some of the charity letter closing examples. Add you signature after closing the letter.

Charity Letter Writing Tips

If you want to write an impactful charity letter, then here are the few tips that you need to follow:

  • Carry out proper market research. It is important because this can allow you to identify the group of people or an individual who can easily connect themselves to fulfil your charity purpose.
  • As said before, it is not an appropriate way to address a person in general. It can be said that, don’t keep your letter generic but address it in a different way to different people.
  • Give details about your organization in brief because it is a challenging task to raise money for a charity. If people know the background of your organization and things related to the past events, then it can become easy for them to take donations related decision.
  • Don’t go vague! Be precise and clear with your motive so that reader does not get confused. Clearly stated message in a charity letter can work in your favour. Too much of emotional statements and exaggeration is also not allowed. Get emotionally connected to your audience but don’t exaggerate things.
  • Do not create false stories, in order to get connected to your audience. False stories are never admiring.
  • What amount of charity do you need? Be specific with your figures and also state the time frame of making donations.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of donors who have previously contributed to your charity organization. This can make them realize, that you value their donations.
  • Don’t forget to add thank you note in such a charity letter.

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