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Emergency Leave Letter Sample

                                        Emergency Leave Letter Sample



13 Ganga Street, Anna Nagar, Chennai, 20

Cell: (489) 523-9842

[email protected]


Dear Mr. Rohan,

I need a request emergency leave beginning today. Since very nature of emergencies they are not probably, Sorry I am unable to provide you with more than one day awareness.

Yesterday, there was a fire in my home that caused sufficient damage to the entire structure to be judge unsafe by fire department. While no human were lost, our two dogs where alone, to escape. That loss has been hard to deal with my children, finding a place to stay and working with insurance company has begin a full time job.

I expect having quick housing issues taken care within the week and desire to back at work by Monday, 15th. Please feel to contact my cell phone or email in my area of responsibility and do my best to guide for my return. Currently aware of anything may become during my one week absence.

Thank you for understanding this difficult time.




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