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Pending Payment Letter

Pending Payment Letter-This type of letter is written to the client or customer who has not made the necessary payment. It is one of the subtle ways to remind the client or customer about the pending payment.

This type of letter is written to the client or customer who has not made the necessary payment. It is one of the subtle ways to remind the client or customer about the pending payment.

It is usually addressed to the General Manager of a company by the manager of the money lending company. Such letters are usually in a formal format.

Here are few samples, templates, and helpful tips to write a request letter for payment release to a company. It can be a polite reminder to release an outstanding payment or can be a harsh warning asking to release an outstanding payment.

Pending Payment Letter Writing Tips:

  • The letter should be short, simple and easy to understand.
  • As it is a formal letter, the language used should be simple but at the same time, convey the intention of the writer.

Pending Payment Letter Template

Use our free Pending Payment Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


__________ (customer’s name)
__________ (customer’s address)

Date __________ (date of writing letter)

Dear Mr.___________ (name of the customer),

We would like to thank you for availing a loan from our bank. You are one of our valuable customers. We have noticed that for the past____________ (duration), you have not made any pending payment towards the loan which you took on _________ (mention the date on which the loan was taken).

Initially you were making the payments regularly but there has been a change in this trend for the past few days. In case you have any financial problem, please let us know so that an amicable solution is sorted out.

You can contact the legal officer of our bank to discuss the financial matters and the duration you need to make the pending payment.

As of now your pending payment stands at____________ (mention the amount). Please make necessary arrangements to make the payment and inform the bank with the necessary details.

Looking forward to hear from you

Yours Sincerely,

____________ (Your name)

Pending Payment Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



The General Manager,


Main Branch,



Jessey Arora,

General Manager,

SQL Enterprises,



Dear Mr.Arora,

First I want to thank you for conducting business with us. You have been a valuable customer for us. You were very regular in your payments last year. But for the past six months, your payments are irregular and since three months you have not made any payment towards the loan who have availed two years ago.

I earnestly request you to consider the matter seriously and make the necessary payment at the earliest. Your pending payment to the bank amounts to Rs 15,00,000.Regular payments are necessary to maintain a healthy relationship between us.

Our bank business thrives on payments made by customers like you. I hope you will understand the position of the bank and make the necessary payment.

In case you have already made the payment, please ignore this letter.

We hope to maintain a good relationship with you in future.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,


Krishna Kumar

Email Format

This types of letters in a formal manner and should be straight forward. The reader should be able to understand the reason behind such letters. This letter is addressed to General Manager of a company who has not made a payment to the other company for using their services.

The manager of the other company writes this letter to request the General Manager to make the pending payment as early as possible.

Dear Mr. Tabor,

First of all let me thank you for doing business with us.

However, this letter is just a reminder about the pending payment of ($ 10,000). This amount has been pending from you for the past 4 months.

So, I earnestly request you to look in the matter and make the payment as early as possible so as to maintain healthy business relations between our companies.

If you have made the payment recently, just ignore this letter.

Thanking You,



Ronald C. Harder.

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