Quality Control Resumes

Quality Control Resumes


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O  B  J  E  C  T  I  V  E

A position as an active employee, involving responsibility and working with others as a team member to achieve advancement and growth for the company.

Q  U  A  L  I  F  I  C  A  T  I  O  N  S
  • Performing routine and standardized tests procedures and examinations of the product.
  • Excellent communication and human relations skills.
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced, and rapidly changing environment.
  • 5 years experience as a Quality Control Inspector.
W  O  R  K    H  I  S  T  O  R  Y

2007-2010: Quality Control Inspector at XYZ STEEL INC.

  • Perform more difficult and complex tests and examinations and re-tests where abnormal or atypical results were obtained.
  • Performed continuous inspection of each step using visual and/or automated inspection procedures.
  • Manually tested samples of the finished product, selected at a predetermined frequency.
  • Enter into the Electronic Quality Database all test results good or bad.
  • Verify the product is within customer specifications that are in the Quality Database.

 2005-2007: Quality Control Inspector at Printing Company XYZ

  • Performed all Quality Inspector tests and procedures with precision.
  • The plant is ISO Certified, and I have completed all training.
  • Can use calipers, micrometers, measuring tapes, and misc automated machines to perform testing.
  • Manually test components frequently with equipment to see if it conforms to standards.
  • Assisted in set up, calibration, and operated all testing equipment.
  • Prepared various reports and records, from using the information I entered into the computer system.
E  D  U  C  A  T  I  O  N

Associates Business, 1972
ISU Terre Haute, Indiana
IVY Tech, Terre Haute, Special courses and seminars.

Computer Proficient: Windows XP, Word, Excel, Power Point, ect.

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