What is ISP ?

Answer : An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company…

What is ISP ?

  • An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides Internet access to organizations and home users.
  • ISP provides with Internet access, usually for a payment. Without an ISP, you wouldn’t be able to shop online, access Facebook, or read this page.
  • Connecting to the Internet requires specific telecommunications, networking, and routing equipment.
  • ISPs allow users access to networks that contain the required equipment, enabling users to establish Internet connectivity.
  • ISPs are responsible for ensure that you can access the Internet, routing Internet traffic, resolving domain names, and maintaining the network infrastructure that makes Internet access possible.
  • While the core function of an ISP is to provide Internet access, many ISPs do much more. ISPs also offer services like web hosting, domain name registration, and email services.
  • An Internet service provider is also known as an Internet access provider (IAP).
What is ISP

Different types of Internet Service Providers

  • The internet service providers (ISPs) are very competitive market with lots of different offerings and deals. Even household names, such as banks and retailers, provide ISP services.
  • Internet service providers connect your personal or business computer, laptop, mobile device etc to the internet. ISPs may be commercial, non-profit, privately owned or community owned companies.
  • Most providers offer the same types of internet services to customers, including:
  • Some ISPs also provide services such as website design or development of e-commerce facilities. See different types of ISPs.

Different types of ISP connections

  • ISPs use a range of technologies to enable customers’ connection to their network. The most common types of internet connections include:
    • Dial-up or analogue
    • DSL (digital subscriber line)
    • Cable broadband
    • Fibre optic broadband
    • Wireless or Wi-Fi broadband
    • Satellite and mobile broadband
    • Dedicated leased line
  • Most ISPs offer a range of packages aimed at different levels of users, based on factors such as the speed of connection, the number of email addresses needed or the amount of free web space.
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