What is Splunk ? - interview questions on splunk

Splunk Definitions:

  • Splunk is a software environment to give search, analyze and event to machine-generated data collect from the websites, applications, sensors,devices etc.,It create for your IT environment and business.
  • Splunk is an advanced,scalable and potent technology that system can be stored indexes and searches log files.It also search the machine-generated data to give operational intelligence.
  • The below image will help you how to relate Splunk collects data.
 what is splunk

Learn Splunk - Splunk tutorial - what is splunk - Splunk examples - Splunk programs

Example for Splunk:

  • To report real time health condition.
  • The patient’s health record and analyze patterns in the Delve deeper.
  • When the patient’s health degrades to be Alarms/Alerts for both the doctor and patient.
 there  is a simple example for splunk

Learn Splunk - Splunk tutorial - Example for splunk - Splunk examples - Splunk programs

Splunk advantages:

  • It work can be moved as the ‘Google’ for log files.
  • Simpler terms to be searched with the use of Search Processing Language (SPL).
  • If the Splunk file system to be store the data directly that means it does not require any back-end or any database
  • It doesn't against any single point of failure to be happened.

Some of the additional components that separately and collectively perform the major operations:

Components Tasks Performed
Deployment Modes Standalone deployment and Distributed deployment, on the basis of which the searches are performed.
Splunk Responsible for indexing and processing massive amounts of data in real-time.
DataStore Stores and compresses the raw data.
Bundles Store the configuration of the input, accounts of users, applications, add-ons, etc.
Modules Add new features by altering or creating processors and pipelines.

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