What is a Database ?

  • In computing, database is an organized collection of data stored which is accessed electronically.
  • A database is usually controlled by Data Base Management Systems(DBMS).
  • In a computer data is stored in a structured form which is known as a Database.
  • Database is a collection of data in a organized manner and it can be accessed in several ways.Database contains collection of schemas, tables, queries and views.
  • Databases help us in storing, accessing and manipulating the data stored in a computer.
  • The Database Management System allows users to directly communicate with the database.
  • Small databases can be stored on file system but larger databases need computer clusters or cloud storage.
  • Database design techniques includes modelling of data, data is stored efficiently, sensitive data is secure and private.
  • DBMS-Data Base Managment Services is a software that communicates with end users, applications and the database itself to analyse and maintain the data.

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