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Business Closing Letter

Business Closing Letter-A business closure scenario is different for different organizations or companies. This business letter will have the details

A business closure scenario is different for different organizations or companies. This business letter will have the details of what the customers or suppliers have to do before the closure of the company or organization. The reasons for the closure should be mentioned in the letter.

Business Closing Letter Writing Tips:

  • As it is a formal letter, the language used should be simple and easy to understand.
  • The letter has to be short and precise.
  • The content of the letter should be transparent and up to the point.

Business Closing Letter Template

Use our free Business Closing Letter to help you get started. Simply download the .doc or pdf file and customize it. If you need additional help or more examples check out some of the sample letters below.


__________ (employee’s name)

__________ (employee’s address)




______________ (Your name)

______________ (Your address)


Date __________ (date of writing letter)

Dear Mr. /Ms_________,

We want to inform you that we shall be closing our company__________ (name of company) from……………… (date) onwards. We are not taking any more orders and we shall make the delivery of the product for which the order was placed last week.

We will be in touch with you for solving pending issues.

It was our sincere effort to offer excellent customer service to our customers and we hope we were successful in our endeavours. We shall audit our accounts in the coming ……………(mention period) months and for any pending invoices, we shall get back to you.

We request you to contact us in case you need any explanation for any issue. Our marketing manager will be available in our office premises for the next…………months.

You had been one of our valuable customers. We thank you for believing in us and being with us all these years.

Yours Sincerely,

___________ (Your name)

Business Closing Letter Sample, Email and Example/Format



Joy Fernandez,

Marketing Manager,

SQL Systems,


Respected Sir,

We shall be closing our Star Enterprises on 30th September, 2013. There will not be any delivery expect for those items which were booked last week. For the coming two months, we shall audit our account ledgers and also see for any outstanding invoices.

We shall be in contact with you for solving any outstanding issues. It was our constant endeavour to offer excellent service for our customers and we hope we were successful in our efforts.

We genuinely thank you for the past business and we appreciate your efforts for being a good customer for us. Any case you want any explanation regarding any query, please call us.

We also want to thank you for believing in our services and being with our company. We would surely like to continue our business with you in future.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Edward

Email Format

Mr. Shrivastava

Marketing Manager,

Logical Systems,

25 LBS Road,

San Francisco


Date: 10, September 2010

Respected sir,

We will be closing Transand Enterprises on September 26th 2010. No delivery will be accepted other than those already placed. Over the next sixty days we will be auditing our books of accounts and look out for any outstanding invoices.

If we haven’t already all the dues, we will be in contact with you to confirm our current balance owed and to arrange for the solution of any outstanding issues.

I want to thank you for your past business; and to tell you how much we have enjoyed having you as a customer.

Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any explanation. We want to thank you for being with us and believing in us. We would definitely to like to do any sort of business with you in near future.


Lee A. Merritt.

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