Application Letter

Grant Application Letter

Grant Application Letter-Grant application letter is written to seek grants from the concerned organization or person- vocational courses.


Michael Ketoson

235 Iterson Street



Joseph Philip

342 Willington Street 


Date:25th october, 2013

Dear Mr.Ketoson,

We are an NGOs, Helping handed to the utile children for giving the valuable education to developing  the skill and knowledge for that was very useful to survey and lead our life in this society.we are all so teach the lesson about  life it was improve the self confident to the children     

vocational courses is help to gather useful informations . which are so used in providing employment. For all these activities, we are in unvaring need of funds. We approach different  government and public  enterprises for collecting funds.

We publish our balance sheet with the necessary figures which we have used for providing the various services.

In this regards, I request your organization to help us in our noble endeavours by donating funds generously from the pool of funds of your company.

We completely rely on the donations by individuals and companies like you. For the coming financial year, we need around Rs 45 lakhs for the total expenses. Please give us a call or email us so that we can send our representative to collect cheque or cash from you.       

We hope that you will understand our plight and act accordingly.

Looking forward to hear a positive response from you,

Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,


Joseph Philip.

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