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  • A constant is an identifier (identifier is the name that identifies labels, identity and so on). In general, the constant identifiers will always be in uppercase.
  • In terms of the constant, its value cannot change during the execution of the script.
  • 2 types of Constants are available:
    1. Valid Constants
    2. Invalid Constants

If a constant name starts with a letter or underscore, followed by any number of letters, numbers, or underscores then it is called as Valid Constants if not then it will be said to be Invalid Constant.


    // Syntax for Valid constant names
    define("WIKI",     "something");
    define("WIKI7",    "something else");
    define("WIKI_TECHY", "something more");
    // Syntax for Invalid constant names
    define("7WIKI",    "something");

    define(name, value, case-insensitive)
    • name: Here the name variable specifies the name of the constant
    • value: Here the value variable specifies the value of the constant.
    • case-insensitive: This specifies whether the constant name should be case-insensitive or not .
  • Constants are defined using define() function, which accepts two arguments:
    • Name of the constant,
    • And its value.
  • Below is an example of defining a constant in a script shown below in the sample code.

Sample Code 1

<!DOCTYPE html>
            define("wikitechy", 25);
            echo wikitechy;
            echo constant("wikitechy");

php examples Code Explanation :

Code Explanation for Constants In PHP

  1. Here in this example of Php, define(“wikitechy”,25) it specifies the define() function that defines a constant with its name and value “25”.
  2. echo constant(“wikitechy”) specifies the echo constant value is 25.

php tutorials Sample Output :

output for Constants In PHP

  1. Output value “25” indicates the define() function which has a value(25) for the term wikitechy.
  2. Output value “25” specifies the echo constant(“wikitechy”) whose value was already called as 25.

Sample Code 2

  • Create a constant with a case-sensitive name:
define("GREETING", "Welcome to!");


Welcome to!

Sample Code 3

  • Create a constant with a case-insensitive name
define("GREETING", "Welcome to!", true);
echo greeting;


Welcome to!

PHP Constant Arrays

  • In PHP7, you can create an Array constant using the define() function.

Sample Code

define("cars", ["Honda","Swift","Vento"]);
echo cars[1];



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