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  • do-while loops are very similar to while loops, except the truth expression is checked at the end of each iteration instead of in the beginning.
  • In PHP do-while is used to provide a control condition.
  • In do-while the block of code executed once and then condition is evaluated. If the condition is true, the statement is repeated as long as the specified condition is true.
 Do While loop

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php programming Syntax :

    code to be executed;
while (condition is true);
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learn php Sample Code : a simple php program

<!DOCTYPE html>
            $a = 1;
            while( $a < 4 );
            echo ("Loop will be stopped at a = $a" );
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php for beginners Code Explanation :

Code Explanation for Do While Loop In PHP

  1. $a =1 is a variable.
  2. In this example do statement specifies the variable $a which has 1 , that turns out to be true for the condition $a < 4 i.e.( 1<4 ). Therefore, the loop continues.
  3. while($a < 4) specifies the condition lesser than 4 which prints the echo statement “Loop will be stopped at a = 4”.

php tutorials Sample Output :

output for Do While Loop In PHP

  1. Output -> “Loop will be stopped at a = 4“ specifies that the do while loop stopped at 4.

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