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  • The explode function is being used for converting strings into an array variable by separating the values.

php developer Syntax :

explode(delimiter, string);
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Syntax Explanation:

  • The delimiter parameter is defining the separator operator.
  • Second parameter is defining the content string.

learn php Sample Code :

<!DOCTYPE html>
            $var1 = explode('-', "wikitechy-is-a-technical-website");
	    $var2 = count($var1);

	       echo $var1[$x];
	       echo "<br>";
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php for beginners Code Explanation :

Code Explanation for Explode Function In PHP

  1. In this statement we define the value for the variable $var1 and the explode function is used for splitting the element value according to the specified operator (Here we used the operator ‘ – ‘).
  2. Variable “$var2” is used for counting the number of values presented in the variable “$var1”.
  3. In this statement we use for loop for processing the array value.
  4. Here, we display the value of the variable “$var1” in the browser using “echo” statement.

php coding Sample Output :

output for Explode Function In PHP

  1. The output statement is, “wikitechy-is-a-technical-website” the term will be splited according to the hyphen (-) and the output will be shown as above.

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