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Resume For Call Center Job

Cell No : 020XXXXXX
E-mail: [email protected]


Seeking to join a Call Center where I can utilize my sales and management expertise to lead profit and productivity to the highest levels.

Professional Skills

  • Outbound and inbound programs.
  • Excel at lead source generation.
  • Excel at “getting job done”.
  • Flexible in all phases of the call center.
  • Rebuttal training for all programs.

Skill Sets

  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Convincing ability
  • Good command over English

Professional Experience

  • T services as Manager Media & Sales from 20** till date
  • OP services as Team leader from 20** to 20**

Key Responsibilities Handled

  • Training and managing both the procurement of quality leads through outbound predictive dialing, managed lists, continuous inbound calls.
  • Managing entire confirmation staff to support upwards.
  • Monitoring live calls and submitted leads.
  • Responsible for producing all disposition reports, all call center usage reports, all agent productivity reports.
  • Responsible for producing all kinds of reports including Disposition reports, usage reports, agent productivity reports and disciplinary write-ups and retraining.
  • Monitoring quality and quantity of lead acquisition process.
  • Responsible for direct marketing.
  • Day to day involvement with Sales Manager and increased sales staff.
  • Responsible for lead generation.
  • Responsible for outbound canvassing crew for lead generation.
  • Responsible for representing some of the largest brand names.
  • Created all dialing campaigns for different developers.
  • Currently working with five developers and fifty different destinations.
  • Trained employees to cross sell not only different developers, but different offers as well.
  • Utilizing time zone differences to further increase production.
  • Created Employee Guidelines Operations Manual.
  • Directed the Call Center for all the outbound telemarketing.
  • Conducting meetings to set daily, weekly and monthly goals.
  • Conducted one on ones with all levels of staff and followed-up with necessary disciplinary procedures.
  • Responsibilities include job placement through newspapers and fairs.
  • Training of all supervisors through goal orientation and motivation.
  • Supervised and motivated managers of Inbound Call Center.


  • BA in communication from XXXX college with XX%
  • HSC with B grade

Extra Curricular Activities

  • Participated in inter-college competition in sports
  • Participated in poetry competition at district level
  • Organized events in college

Personal Details

  • Date of Birth: 2/04/1992
  • Languages Known: English, Spanish , French
  • Address: XXXXXX

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