Ignore errors of punctuation, if any ? Do you think (A) they (B) will (C) except our plan (D) without an argument ?

Answer : C. except our plan

Read the sentence to determine if there is any grammatical error in it. Choose the letter corresponding to the part that contains the error. Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any ? Do you think

A. they

B. will

C. except our plan

D. without an argument ?

E. No error

Answer : C. except our plan


  • Here the verb is misspelled. For the correct meaning, it should be “accept,” i.e. to consent or agree to our plan.
  • “Except” means other than, besides, but, etc. Used as a verb as in this sentence, it would mean to make an exception of our plan, which is incorrect as it contradicts the rest of the sentence (without an argument).
  • (A) “They” and (B) “will” are used correctly as subject pronoun and auxiliary verb. (D) “Without” is correctly used as a preposition.
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