A Simple Guide on Where to Buy Cryptocurrency

Buying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for the first time has a mixed reaction of excitement and confusion at the same time. Where to buy cryptocurrency is the biggest concern for most investors today due to the fear of losing to hackers and fraudsters. Regardless of the number of digital coins you want to buy, there are many legit buy and sell bitcoin sites these days and they also offer many other related services.

This guide is critical to both newbies and experienced crypto investors who want to know where to buy cryptocurrency successfully.

Exchange Platforms

If you are looking for where to buy or sell cryptocurrency, the most popular places are exchange platforms. There are dozens of them today and they offer similar services. However, their terms and conditions might change depending on many things such as location. If you are looking for how to buy bitcoin in a brokerage account, we have the best examples of reliable exchange platforms.

  •       Nakitcoins – This is the right place to buy cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins with cash or a bank card, or to do crypto-to-crypto exchange. For investors who are afraid of transacting online, the exchange platform has physical exchanges in Turkey for people to just walk in and buy cryptocurrency. Both their online platform and physical exchanges have the best commission rates and friendly terms and conditions.
  •       Coinmama – If you are looking for a reliable crypto broker to buy your coin from in any part of the world, this is the one. The platform has come through for many new investors looking for where to buy cryptocurrency because it is transparent and affordable. Apart from buying crypto, you can enjoy other services such as live rate charts, crypto calculators, digital wallet hosting, and advisory blogs.
  •       Binance – Although this platform is just starting to become popular, it has unmatched cryptocurrency buy bitcoin services. The commission rates are competitive and the platform is very secure. Binance has not heard cases of hacking and fraud, so you can trust the platform just like other popular platforms.

Bitcoin ATM

If exchange platforms are not your preference and you are still looking for where to buy cryptocurrency, then you can try the Bitcoin ATMs. Just like the traditional bank ATMs, these are self-service automated machines to buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

They do not require you to register an account with them. The procedure to buy involves a couple of clicks, inputting your digital wallet address and paying either using a bank card or cash.

Peer-to-Peer Platforms

Peer websites are more open than exchange platforms, so when looking for where to buy cryptocurrency in a free market, try these sites. Their main role is to connect buyers and sellers who decide how to transact. Reputable ones will hook you up with legit sellers, making it easy even for first-time crypto buyers.


The need to get a reputable crypto seller is the main takeaway here. You do not have to be so experienced to succeed since the right information to help you has been shared. Therefore, take time to research what works for you and use it.

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