Australia’s Growing Addiction to Gambling

Gambling losses in Australia have reached their record high. According to the report introduced by the Queensland state government, they are estimated at almost $18 billion a year. Most of them were lost on poker and slot machines located in public places.

Just imagine that Australia has 20% of the world’s poker machines, called “pokies” by Australians. In Western Australia, they belong to a single casino, although they are common elsewhere.

The consequences of top 10 Australian online casinos for mobile users in 2021 have become as serious as never before. In fact, more than 400 Australian gamblers commit suicide every year. Whether they lost a lot of money or they don’t have money for making the next bet, they find no other solution but to end their own life.

Australia has more than 200,000 slot machines per person than almost any other country. The same thing goes for online casinos like AussieOnlineCasino. For many gamblers, the gambling content is just a harmless adventure. For others, casino tricks make losers feel special.

Success or failure has nothing to do with knowledge and skills. These are computers set up to randomly choose results.

Slot Machines Owned by Australian Gambling Industry

A meeting of Gamblers Anonymous (GA) was conducted at the Exodus Foundation. Its mission was to help people suffering from gambling habits and addictions. Men and women can come here and share their stories with each other. This way, they are about to handle their psychological issues.

Some visitors claim that they start feeling better when they enter a gambling room or a gambling website. They fall for the illusion of becoming successful and rich. But the reality turns out to be different. In most cases, gambling serves as a temporary remedy for those people who already have some personal problems. Gambling activities become a good way of escape for them.

Well, the situation with gambling activities can change at any minute. A poker machine supplier has been sued in Australia’s federal court by a former gambler. He claimed that the gambling devices misled and deceived him, which ruined his physical and psychological well-being. The company has rejected the claims, saying that the products are maintained by regulators and operate in accordance with universal standards.

Former Gambling Addict Sues over Slot Machines

The Victorian government in Australia mentioned that the number of gaming machines in the state would be fixed for 25 years as part of “harm minimization” strategy. By reacting to record-high gambling losses of $18 billion, some additional measures need to be taken. This intention was expressed by Marlene Kairouz, Victoria’s Minister of Gaming and Liquor Regulation. The state of Victoria has taken the leading position in the reformation of gambling activities. This way, the local government aims to help gamblers stick to their limits and to reduce gambling-related harm to the minimum.

Major Losses in Australia and in the World

Responsible Wagering Australia is known as an industry body that represents online casinos like OnlineCasinoAussie and Joo Casino with no deposit bonus codes – 2021. It aims to protect vulnerable members of the gambling community.

With almost 200,000 Australians having a “high-level gambling issue”, extra measures are to be provided. After all, a negative impact can be directed to friends and family, which makes the situation even more dramatic.

Australians spend around $1,300 on gambling every year. The next highest is almost $600 in Singapore. The difference is obvious, isn’t it? So, the measures offered seem to be absolutely relevant.

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