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Can I Spy On Someone’s Phone Without Touching It ?

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Spy apps are advanced phone monitoring software that allows you to spy on a cell phone discreetly. Today, millions are using spy apps to spy the activities of their kids, spouses, employees, and more. For most spy apps, you have to root or jailbreak the device. 

Some others require that you install apps, irrespective of the type of device you want to spy. Sometimes, this may be difficult because you may not have physical access to the target device.

Fortunately, it’s possible to spy on someone’s phone without touching it. All you need is a smart spy app like Spyier.

Part 1: Spyier – The Smart Spy App that lets you spy a Phone without touching it

Spyier is a top-class phone spy solution for Android and iOS. With millions of users raving about its effectiveness, it’s no doubt the best you can find.

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It has also received recognition from top online tech platforms like Tom’s Guide, Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, iGeekBlog, and more.

The app offers remote monitoring solutions for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. For iOS, you can set up the software and monitor the device without installing any app on it. You don’t even have to touch the device to activate the software.

The Spyier Android monitoring solution requires initial software installation. After the installation, you can begin to spy the target device remotely and discreetly. We’ll look at how to set up Spyier for both Android and iOS shortly.

Part 2: How to Spy on Someone’s Phone without Touching it? (Spyier iOS Solution)

You can spy on someone’s phone without touching it. However, the device must be iOS. The Spyier iOS solution doesn’t require that the user touch the device. The setup process and the monitoring will be done remotely. You won’t need to install an app. You also don’t need to jailbreak the phone.

So, how does the Spyier software work for iOS devices? It’s quite straightforward. Spyier works with the iCloud account of the iOS device. It doesn’t work directly with the iPhone or iPad. This is why you don’t need to install an app or software on the device.

As long as the iCloud backup of the device is regularly updated, you can have complete access to it in real-time.

As data is backed up on the iCloud account, it transmits the same to your Spyier dashboard. You can then access the information with a few clicks on your phone or computer.

Spyier is web-based and doesn’t require that you install an app on your device. To log in to your Spyier dashboard, you can use any web browser on your phone or computer system. When activated, you can monitor your target iOS device without touching it.

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Steps to Activate Spyier on iPhone without touching it

You don’t need access to the target device to set up Spyier on it. You can do it from your phone or your computer. You only need to have the iCloud credentials of the device you want to spy.

You don’t require any technical skills to activate the software and within minutes, you’re done. Here are the steps:

  • Sign up for a Spyier account with your email ID on the official Spyier website.
  • Buy a preferred subscription plan. You can choose from the three plans (premium, family, or business). You also have to choose the duration of the subscription (monthly, 3-month, or 12-month)
  • You’ll be redirected to the setup page to provide the iCloud username and password of the target iPhone. Verify the credentials and wait for the app to sync with the iCloud backup.
  • Log in to your Spyier dashboard to start spying the target device. 

That’s all it takes. You don’t need to touch the device to complete the whole process. The best part is that the target won’t know that you’re spying their phone. 

Part 3: How to Spy on someone’s phone without touching it? (Spyier Android Solution)

Spyier Android solution works with Android devices running on OS 4 and above. To start spying on someone’s Android device, you first need to install an app on it. This is the only time you have to touch the device. After this, you won’t need to touch the phone again to view all its activities.

You should know that it’s impossible to spy an Android phone or tablet without first touching it to install an app. No spy app can spy Android devices without installing software. Any app that promises this is only out to trick you. So, don’t fall prey to the gimmicks.

Spyier Android solution requires the installation of a 2MB app on the target device. The app is safe and secure and won’t install malware on your target device. When installed, it begins to work in stealth mode. It becomes invisible and won’t affect the running of the device.

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Steps to Activate Spyier on iPhone without touching it

  • Sign up for a Spyier account
  • Purchase a subscription plan based on your preference. Spyier Android version has three plans (Basic, Premium, and Family). You can choose from the monthly, quarterly, or yearly plan.
  • You will receive the setup wizard in your email. This includes the link to download the app on your target device.
  • Download and install the Spyier app on the target Android device and hide the app after installation. The app syncs with your target device and you can log in to your dashboard to start spying the device.

Part 4: Why is Spyier the Best to Spy on someone’s phone without touching it?

Spyier is undoubtedly the industry-leading monitoring solution for both Android and iOS devices. The app is reliable and it also has numerous benefits and features.

For a start, it offers exceptional privacy. You can trust your data and that of your target device with Spyier.

Spyier uses end-to-end encryption to protect transmitted data on its platform and it doesn’t sell data to third parties. Personal information is not stored on the Spyier server.

All these show that the app is safe and secure. The unique features of the app also make it a force in the industry.

Main Features of the Spyier App

In all, Spyier has 35+ cutting-edge features. With this app, you can gain full access to both online and offline activities on a target device. Some of these features are highlighted below:

Location Tracking: If you’re worried about the movements of your targets, Spyier will give you rest of mind. You’ll be able to see the current location and location history of the device. It also comes with timestamps to let you know the specific time they were in a location.

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Call Logs Tracking: Instead of wondering about who your spouse or kid is talking with frequently, use Spyier to spy their calls. The app lets you see the details of their callers, including the name, profile photo, duration, and timestamps.

Read Text Messages: You can view the incoming and outgoing text messages on the target device. You’ll have access to comprehensive details of the messages. These include the contact details, shared media, and timestamps. You’ll also see the deleted messages on the device.

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App Installed Tracking: All apps installed on the device will be available to you through your dashboard. These include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Viber, Kik, and more.

You can read the private messages, posts, and see the videos, photos, and audio files from these social apps.


You can see how easy it is to spy on someone’s phone without touching it. Many apps are available in the market. However, you must choose the most reputable software. This is why we recommend the Spyier app as the best option for you.


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