How to Hack Games on Rooted Android

Hack Games
Hack Games
How to Hack Games on Rooted Android - Hacking - Hack any android game app to get unlimited lives and pro packs after rooting android phone.

Hack any android game app to get unlimited lives and pro packs after rooting android phone. The main purpose why the users tend to root up Android gadgets is to obtain entrance or to perform such things on their gadgets that is either not possible in the regular devices with software restrictions put on by the manufacturers. There has been such numerous player online games or hardcore games that have now become much popular among the players on the Android device in which the users also try to reach up the highest possible levels inside the games. The users try up to perform up the hacks and tricks so they can achieve the profundity of the diversion to experience that entire amusement effortlessly and fastly. Presently the main thing that you may likewise be finding is the technique by which you can likewise hack up the recreations effortlessly, and you are at the ideal place since we have expounded on the considerable strategies by which you can likewise hack up the Android diversions on your gadget with root get to.

Note: The strategy that we might disclose to you that you can use for hacking the games on android will require up a root application named “Gamecih”. So, to proceed further for the method you must check that you have root access to your device gained and installed this app on your Android device.

How to Hack Games on Rooted Android:

How to Hack Games on Rooted Android:

  1. First of all open up the Gamecih app on your Android device that you need to install before on your device and then inside this application simply allow up all the Super user permissions and the root access too.
  2. Now simply open up any of the desired game on your Android device that you likewise want to hack. After your game will launch up successfully you will be able to see the box panel of options floating on the top of the screen.
  3. Check in to the screen where you can see up the gained or earned coins, money etc anything in the game that you want to change. In the wake of opening up that very screen you have tap on the hot key (Key visible on the screen to access the GameCIH) from the floating option panel on the top of the screen.
  4. Now leave the GameCIH running in the background and return to the game. You will have to play the game till it shows you up the scores, points and so on that you wish to change and at that screen you should delay your diversion for it being hacked by the GameCIH.
  5. Now again tap on the GameCIH hotkey and then touch the Input Number option, and then enter your current score, points etc that you see inside the game. After filling that click on the “OK” button and proceed for another step.
  6. Restart your game and then play it again for few more seconds till you reach the score board or you see the points that has increased a little more than before. Pause the game there and press the GameCIH hotkey once again.
  1. You will now get the alternatives like plus sign, minus sign, exclamation sign with which you can perform increase, decrease or let the score values unchanged. Plus sign will add more points to your game score while minus will reduce it from them. You will needs to choose the sort which you want changed in your diversion next to each other to play out the activities on them. Clicking the Modify button will execute the results in your game and you shall see them while playing it.

Hence the techniques by which you can hack up the games have been discussed in the article above but all these tricks and ways require the root access to the Android device. If you have a rooted Android device and you are keen lover of games and wan’t to do different tricks and hack with games then you should try these tricks for sure.

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