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How AI Influences Online Gambling

Artificial intelligence is starting to become a part of many aspects of life from robotics, gaming, even items used in your own home. While AI is still largely being developed, it is already being used in online gambling. When you visit an online casino, all of your gambling activities are tracked and data is collected. When this information is combined with Artificial Intelligence, a heightened experience can be offered to the user. As an online player, you can actually enter a virtual casino where you can play games and enjoy the environment just as if you were in a land casino!

Not only does the use of artificial intelligence enhance your gaming experience, but it also offers other great benefits. Here, we discuss how AI has a huge influence on online gambling and how it is being used at leading casino sites around the world.

AI and Gambling Addiction

It can be difficult to monitor all playing habits of those at an online casino, so detecting gambling problems is not as easy as it is at a land casino. However, AI can be used as a way to detect gambling addictions early and can even help to prevent them completely. By analyzing player behavior and data, artificial intelligence has the ability to spot suspicious players and send a notification to an online operator. This allows the operator to suspend an account while offering help to the player that has developed a gambling problem.

One great example of this is BetBuddy, which is a new technology introduced by Playtech. With this, AI is used to collect digital footprints and identify gamblers that are high-risk. By using neural networks, and forest algorithms BetBuddy is a tested way to spot any irresponsible gambling behaviors, all in real-time. Find other examples of gambling sites on

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The technology is designed to gather data on players in regards to the amount of time they spend gambling, how much they deposit to an account, when deposits are made, when and how much is being bet, and what games are being played routinely. This data is used to discover gambling patterns that may indicate the development of a gambling problem and results are sent directly to the casino operator to alert them of the possible problem. The creators of this technology claim it is possible to detect a gambling problem with an accuracy of 87%.

Preventing Cheating

Cheating is something that most people associate with players who are at land casinos and playing table games, but there are instances of cheating at an online casino as well. Getting rid of players who cheat is a top priority for online operators. While it is not as easy to cheat online, it is an issue that many worldwide operators are dealing with.

There have been some cases where players have developed machines that can be used to cheat while playing online slots. Online casinos do not have the same security measures in a land casino. Here, no cameras watching your every move from home, which creates a blind spot where players can use programs or their own artificial intelligence bots to gain an advantage over the casino. To prevent these things from happening, casinos can use AI systems o identify bots that are being used by members.

Enhancing Customer Support

Customer support is an important aspect of any online casino and players who need assistance want to get it quickly and from a human. Many companies that feature a live chat option will use a bot to address standard questions. This is not helpful to the player that has a specific question or problem. By using AI, casinos can offer the best live chat experience and can also use this technology to offer enhanced email support. Studies have found that more than 75% of one gaming companies are already using some form of artificial intelligence for providing customer service. This will most likely increase in the near future and will provide a better response time, more personalized support, and quicker solutions to problems that players may encounter.

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Generate Targeted Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are one of the main benefits of playing at an online casino. These sites are able to offer better player perks than a land casino due to the lower operating cost and higher number of paying customers. Most operating sites already have a standard set of promotions that are offered, starting with a welcome bonus and then offering ongoing deals to returning players.

With the use of artificial intelligence, users can be identified who may have an interest in a specific type of promotion. Since AI can be used to track player action, casinos are able to tell what games players prefer and special bonuses can be offered based on their gaming history.

Fraud Detection

Creating and maintaining a real money account at an online casino is usually a safe practice, but if your login information falls into the wrong hands, fraud can occur. Artificial intelligence can be used to compare various behavioral patterns of a player that accesses an account. This will help in the detection of another person using that account. For example, if the normal pattern of a player is placing $1 bets on slot games and all of sudden hundreds are being bet, AI will raise a red flag and report the activity to the operator. This can help with the prevention of account hacking and fraud.


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