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Kiwi Casino Payments: What is in Trend?


The era of the Internet has led to the scene of online gambling blow up beyond all proportion. Gambling games and lottery tickets are facing new trends and are just a click away from people all over the world. Gone are the days when people had to line up outside brick and mortar gambling establishments and then wait for their seats inside the complex. In the present day, gamblers can use their phones and desktops to log on to their favourite casino online and play a game of their choice without waiting in a queue.

Similarly, the procedure to make deposits or withdraw money from online casinos has also become highly user-friendly. One can get it done in a few minutes to an hour, depending upon the payment method. Payment methods are essential criteria through which one can judge the authenticity of an online casino. An online casino with many payment methods allows people from various backgrounds and nationalities to sign up with the website.

In this article, we shall talk about Kiwi casinos and how they are superior in their payment methods available on their platform. New Zealanders have a great time with the variety of options they have for themselves when making money. Let us find out more about this topic – payment methods in kiwi casinos.

What are the Features of the Kiwi Casinos?

The features of Kiwi casinos are pretty like any other casino in the world. There is a wide variety of payment methods, accepted currencies, and languages, as generally, kiwi casinos accept players from all over the world. Kiwi online casinos have an advanced encryption system that protects their player’s financial and personal data from third-party applications. Additionally, there is firewall protection.

Regarding payment methods, local casinos have partnered with payment systems that facilitate the exchange of money online. This includes bank transfers, debit and credit cards, cryptocurrency, and e-wallet payment methods such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. However, despite the wide variety, gamblers of New Zealand like to gamble with their own money in their currency not to have to undergo unnecessary taxes and fees. 

What are the Payment Methods in a Kiwi Casino?

Kiwi casinos accept bank transfers and debit cards as popular options for deposits and withdrawals. Another quite popular payment method is the prepaid voucher payment which lets gamblers enjoy guarantees instantly. With Paysafe or Neosurf, Kiwis can claim min. deposit bonus with NZ$1-20 top up and gamble with real free spins. The vouchers can be transferred from one person to another. One can fund the coupons with the help of cash. The downside of the prepaid voucher payment is that there is no withdrawal option available for this. The gamblers need to buy it separately, and they stand the risk of being misplaced.  

There is an option for credit and debit cards as well, in which case the deposits are instant, but the withdrawal takes time.  Bank cards have high limits of deposits and withdrawals. However, the risk of leak of financial details always remains, directly linked to your casino account.

E-wallet payment system, on the other hand, is one of the most efficient methods of payment on an online casino as they offer quick and smooth deposits and withdrawals. The fee for the transaction is low, along with the increased security of using a third-party app. E-wallet systems make it challenging to make use of casino bonuses on the platform.

The last option is to allow a bank transfer or a rapid transfer from your bank account to the casino concerned. This is a widely used payment method among the people of New Zealand as there is no transaction fee. The exchange of money is quick and secure. A receipt of the transaction is generated by the payment portal that helps to keep the procedure transparent to both parties. There is no need for a credit card for a rapid bank transfer to take place. However, players must keep in mind that there is no option to withdraw from this payment method. When it comes to gamblers of other nationalities, the opportunity for rapid transfer is optional as the gambler’s bank needs to be welcoming to such a transaction.


Kiwi Casinos are pretty user-friendly when it comes to money exchange via online payment methods. However, if you are in New Zealand, the best way to bet is by transferring money through a bank transfer or an e-wallet transfer.

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