Metaverse and Online Casinos: The New Age of iGaming

Ever since Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, and CEO, announced the development of the Metaverse in October 2021, there has been massive speculation on how this new age of the internet will impact the online world. Among the many industries that could highly benefit from this new “integrated network of 3D virtual worlds”, online gambling stands out.

Online Gambling Platforms

Some of the leading casino game providers, such as Playtech and Microgaming, have invested in the development of immersive casino games, featuring high-quality graphics, the most advanced software, and engaging themes.

Online Gambling Platforms
Moreover, in the past few years, many casino game developers have been experimenting with new gambling formats, namely, live casino games. These games, which feature real dealers in real-time dealing cards or numbers, are the latest step to creating a fully immerse gambling experience. Users interested in checking out some of these titles can access live online casino at Paddy Power Games, where they will find a broad selection of games, including classic games such as poker, baccarat, or blackjack. In this sense, the Metaverse could be the final enabler to a new age of iGaming and an entirely new gambling experience.

Essentially, for the past ten years, online casino platforms and betting sites have been steadily growing by incorporating the latest technology available in the market. By doing this, iGaming has managed to solidify its position in the online entertainment business and become increasingly attractive.

What could the Metaverse mean for Online Gambling?

While it is still difficult to predict the real impact of the Metaverse in online entertainment, it is clear that the emphasis of this technology would be on immersion and creating a realistic digital universe. Consequently, and as reported by Martech, virtual reality is expected to play a key role in the years to come. Currently, some casino platforms and game developers are already experimenting with this type of technology and testing the viability of a VR casino market. In fact, VR could allow for the creation of explorable virtual casinos and themed gambling rooms, where players could walk around and interact with fellow gamblers while using their own avatars.

In practical terms, this could even mean the creation of a new gambling experience altogether. For instance, imagine being able to play a round of roulette while sitting on Mount Everest, play slots underwater or try and win at bingo while in space. In addition, the full development of the Metaverse would allow for game updates in real-time, allowing users to play while game locations change and are expanded.

What could the Metaverse mean for Online Gambling?

But that’s not all: according to Forbes, the incorporation of crypto assets and non-fungible tokens could also change the Metaverse and casino games in the Metaverse, particularly the way users relate to these types of digital assets. Moreover, the incorporation of other recent technologies, such as blockchain would allow for an additional security layer when it comes to payment methods, transactions, and withdrawals. In fact, the mass use of blockchain would help make financial transactions more transparent altogether.

While these changes sound extremely exciting, for now, the development of the Metaverse is still very much in its early stages. Nonetheless, the gambling industry continues to advance and explore the latest technological developments.

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