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Facebook, and its related applications, will turn into virtual reality games, technology companies are actively participating in crypto, investors snap up virtual assets, and games such as CS Go, Minecraft and Call Of Duty have become the obsession of the emerging generations. According to statistics, the gaming industry is larger than the film and music industries combined. All that means that video games have opened an entire era of digital transformation that will make everything, even the most tangible things like cash, virtual.

A significant segment of the global gambling industry is represented in non GamStop casino games and sports betting. According to Statista, the online gambling sector market size in 2019 reached 265 billion U.S dollars. Like all other gaming sectors, non GamStop casino games and sports betting sites have benefited from the latest technological developments and, thanks to them, have been able to attract completely new segments of players who have never gambled before!

It is expected that new emerging technologies will only further increase that popularity. Online gaming is becoming even more fun and challenging due to these new technologies, making comparing non GamStop online casinos even more enjoyable. Click here to get more information. The possibilities can differ considerably, and this will remain noticeable in the coming years. Let’s take a look at some important changes in technology that affected the global gambling industry and other innovations expected to enter service soon.

Rising of the Cryptocurrencies

If we create a flag for the future digital era, the golden bitcoin symbol should be at the flag’s centre! Cryptocurrencies compensate for all the negative aspects associated with fiat currencies. They eliminate all forms of national, religious or banking censorship, save users fees. Also, transfers are free because they are conducted without intermediaries.

Considering that the grey and unregulated markets represent the majority of the gambling industry, cryptocurrencies give Non GamStop casinos and their users the ability to conduct their transactions freely, away from the state’s eyes and, of course, its taxes!

Augmented Reality

This technique is still in its infancy, but it is expected to be one of the technologies shaping the future of the non GamStop online casino industry. The technology is currently widely used in sports. Are images viewed to decide whether a football match is offside, if the friction deserves a penalty, etc.

Pokémon GO is a well-known game in which augmented reality plays an important role. With this technology, an extra layer is placed over reality, as it were so that you see Pokémon figures on the road or behind the lamppost.

Then lines are superimposed on the image using augmented reality so that it is easier to see whether it is really offside or not. In practice, it could give online games an extra dimension. Imagine that you are playing an online game, while it seems that your opponents are just sitting around the table with you!

It is expected that this new technology can make a great contribution to the non GamStop online casino games experience. So far, augmented reality has not been used in casino games and sports betting. However, it is likely that this service will enter soon, especially with the start of its use in virtual games that are wagered on such as CS:GO and FIFA.

Virtual Reality

Why would you only want to supplement reality with extra images while you can replace that reality with a completely different reality?!

Virtual reality goes one step further than augmented reality. With this technique, you imagine yourself somewhere completely different. While sitting on the couch at home, you imagine yourself in the non GamStop casino, and you see your fellow players sitting around you.

This technique is still in its infancy, but expectations are high. At the moment, you still have to wear a good pair of VR glasses to experience that virtual reality. That is, of course, not always practical. There is a good chance there will be simpler ways to experience virtual reality in the foreseeable future. Then it becomes a very attractive technique to make online Non GamStop casino games even more exciting and challenging.

Big Steps in Security

Until recently, online gaming was still surrounded by shadows. For example, in many cas , it was not possible to use standard payment methods such as iDeal and PayPal in many cases the risk that your payment details were hacked, because the security was often not in order. Fortunately, this is already very different currently and the expectation is that safety will only increase further in the coming years. SSL has made a major contribution to this. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. SSL provides a link between the browser and web server, whereby all information is sent encrypted.

Payment details are also sent in this way, making it very difficult for hackers to gain access. What has also helped is the legalisation of online gaming a few months ago. As a result, this industry has become much more supervised so that you as a gamer can use all the possibilities even more safely.

5G or… 6G?

Until recently, gaming was often only possible at home, where you had a stable internet connection on your PC. Now players can play their favourite games on the go, but sometimes the gaming experience is less enjoyable if they go up in an elevator or somewhere that doesn’t have proper coverage.

With the introduction of 5G technology, the mobile devices’ connection will only get better and faster, but this technology is still in the development stage. In the meantime, there is even talk of 6G. It remains to be seen what will happen with that because other antennas are also needed for that. As with the transition to 5G, there is work to be done here. Nevertheless, it is expected that the internet connection will only become faster in the coming years. And that of course only makes playing non GamStop casino games faster and more fun!

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