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Roulette Has Greatly Benefitted from Elements Such As <canvas> in the Shift to HTML5

Since the start of the last millennium, it’s certainly fair to say that we’ve come leaps and bounds when it’s come to the Internet. However, it’s only in the last six or so years that we’ve seen the rise of the latest evolution of HTML5. With it coming such a large amount of time after HTML4, there’s been some noticeable upgrades – here’s what it’s meant for the game of roulette.

First and foremost, the rise of HTML5 has actually enabled online casinos to come into the foreground properly, bringing engaging games such as the classic roulette with it. What this has meant is that it’s given rise to other parts of online casino websites apart from the games themselves. The likes of Paddy Power offer guides on how to win at roulette, for instance, detailing different strategies for betting as well as discussing their strengths and weaknesses and also answering key questions. As such, with the advances in web technology, casino sites have been able to diversify their output.


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Linking back to roulette however, HTML5 has superseded the now obsolete Adobe Flash, which means a new era has been ushered in when it comes to mobile-friendly solutions for websites. Apple devices quite famously didn’t support Flash thanks to Steve Jobs’ decision to hold it up as an ‘exclusive feature’ back in 2010. The transition to HTML5 has brought all of the wonderful accompanying effects to iPhone and Android users alike. In addition, it’s opened up the world of roulette to a much larger user base, meaning it’s now more accessible than ever before. With Apple accounting for nearly 30% of the phone market, if Flash had lived on, it certainly would’ve shut out an awful lot of people.

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The most important advance that HTML5 has brought with it for the world of roulette is the <canvas> element that can hold animations coded in JavaScript. Whereas old Flash seemed inherently limited by comparison, HTML5 now offers a much wider scope for anything you create, be it cool GUIs or interesting animations. Most pertinently for roulette, the <canvas> element has allowed for the proper scaling and rotating of items, which is definitely vital for a game based entirely on a spinning wheel. On a wider scale, however, this allows for all games on online casino websites to look a lot more exciting and enticing to play.

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Moreover, the rise of the touchscreen in the intervening years between HTML4 and HTML5 has essentially forced designers to rethink the way that websites and games are designed. It’s now possible for them to make use of ‘touch events’ such as rotating objects and dragging items, or even just the art of the pinch and zoom. With a much more multidimensional way of interacting with websites thanks to touchscreen support, it’s given way to a much more interactive experience when utilizing websites such as online casinos and playing games such as roulette.

It’s clear that the advent of HTML5 has definitely allowed for roulette to become a much better game online thanks to it becoming more interactive and also more compatible across various different device ecosystems. In addition, the <canvas> element that HTML5 has brought certainly makes it look the part.

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