Tech That is Revolutionising the Business World

Tech That is Revolutionising the Business World

Tech is revolutionising the way we live our lives, and as more tech becomes advanced, we only continue to rely on it more. Technology is also popping up in the most unexpected of places as it shows its face in the business world. Industries such as real estate, finance and even stock investment are seeing a significant change in the sector as technology becomes a focal point for many people. However, within real estate, and other business industries, there are some pieces of tech that are completely changing the way that businesses and companies work.


Today, we have put together a list of some of the most innovative tech pieces that are revolutionising the business world, and looked at how companies are using these to their advantage – for both their sales and the benefit of clients and customers. Read on to find out more on how perhaps your company can use these pieces of life-changing tech.



Having been around for a while, people often underestimate the power of drone technology and the footage that it can collect. They’re often associated with travel bloggers and YouTubers because a lot of the time, these people use them while travelling the globe. However, drones are special because they can reach places you may never have been able to see before.s


For example, a real estate company who deals with off-plan developments (like RWinvest based in the UK), may use drones as a way to update their current clients about the progress of a building and how it’s coming along. Construction updates used to be simple pictures with some writing telling the client how the project is coming together from the ground. However, drone footage allows companies to go to new heights (quite literally) for their clients and get footage from way above the ground.

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Another way drones are used within business is for advertising purposes. Travel companies will often shoot drone footage of faraway getaways to try to convince holidaymakers it’s the place to be. If it’s done correctly, drone footage can be a way to sway someone to visit a place or get involved in the action.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Once considered a gaming gimmick, VR is now the future of our business and personal world. Virtual Reality is used a lot throughout business, healthcare and real estate. There are even some retail companies using VR to train their employees for special events like Christmas shopping and Black Friday. Real estate companies often use VR when properties are off-plan (which means they’re still in the development/planning stages, and nothing is actually built yet). Rather than just telling the client or investor what the property will look like, VR can give them an immersive experience into what the property will be like once it’s finished. Often enough with off-plan properties, their completion won’t be for a few years, so having some reassurance of what it will look like once done means the investors can get a below-market value price.


CG Imagery

Similarly to how real estate companies and other businesses are using VR, they are also making use of CG Imagery to showcase future expectations of properties and business assets. Essentially, CGIs can showcase something that hasn’t even been approved yet. This not only gives confidence to the investor looking at the investment, but it also saves companies a lot of money in the long term since they may realise something won’t work before starting on it.

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