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These Are India’s Top 5 Card Games


Card games have engaged thousands of people over the past many years. It is a significant part of the social fabric in India. Whether it is a Kitty party or a picnic, card games have become a part of the tradition. It is a great way to create memories with friends and family. It also has helped in bridging the gap between extended families. Card games date back to the time when the Mughal empire was ruling India.

However, given the current situation, most people opt for online card games instead of offline ones. This is because playing online can help them properly maintain social distancing. Also, given the hectic lifestyle, it is more convenient to play online card games at the end of the day. You do not have to visit anywhere to play the games. You can play it in the comfort of your house and at the same time abide by the government restrictions.

Whether it is a casual evening with friends or festivals like Diwali, a few rounds of cards are a must. But now, you can play it any day just with the help of your phone and a stable internet connection.

In this blog, we will talk about some of the most loved card games in this country.


This is a card game of Indian origin. It has recently become popular mainly because of its online version. If you can strategize brilliantly, you can easily win the game. It is highly thrilling and adventurous to play this game as it keeps you on your toes.

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Once you start playing, you will understand the thrill! In each suite, the Jack and the Nine are the highest cards. There are various phases of the game, which you need to learn.

2. Rummy:

This traditional card game is one of the most popular ones in India. The game’s popularity has grown even more as many people are keeping themselves occupied and killing time by playing online rummy. It has been in India for many years and is known to be a must-play game at parties. It is an excellent way to spend quality time together. The best part about online rummy is that it is easy to play, you can get pro tips from experts, it is easy to understand, and you can get rewarded as well.

There are various practice sessions that you can play to brush your rummy skills. It is entertaining and extremely thrilling. If you think that you are a pro player, you can also participate in mega tournaments. Click here to play now.

3. Solitaire:

It is another combination of strategizing. It is a very popular game not only in India but across the globe. You can now play it online as well. It is a fast-paced game! You and your opponent will get a foundation pile, a tableau, and a stockpile.

The stockpile has 24 cards, with three cards revealed at a time. The craze about the game has spread more ever since the pandemic began. It also helps in lifting the mood and exercising the human mind. The best part is that all the games are legal, and the platforms are 100% safe and secure.

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4. Teen Patti:

This is yet another great card game. It is the literal translation of three cards. It is also an Indian card game that has been there for centuries now. It is inspired by the British card game, 3-card brag.

There are various similarities with poker. The game can be played with three to six persons. There are usually 3 to 7 people in the game. Every individual gets three cards, and they are faced down. The cards that can be used are Trail, straight, flush, pair, and high card. The game continues till there is a player left in the card game.

A 52 card pack is used for the game!

5. Satte pe Satta:

This is another exciting card game, which can be played with an unlimited number of people. Multiple decks can be used if there are many participants. The player who gets the seven of hearts can begin the game by laying the card down in the middle.

The next player can lay the six or eight of hearts. However, the card must be applied if the individual has seven of any other suitable stuff. The game continues until all suits are laid, starting from age to the king.

It requires concentration and strategies to win this game. First, you have to block the opponents’ chance to lay their cards and make sure you win the game.

So these are a few card games that you can play online. These games are fun and exciting and even provide the opportunity to win prizes. The massive popularity of digital card games soared even before the pandemic. People love them, and there are multiple reasons behind the same. Read this blog by Forbes to know more.

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Given the current situation, it is better to stay at home and stay safe while enjoying a round of card games. But, on the other hand, it is a great way to invite your friends and have a gala time with them. Also, play a few practice matches before you leap playing the paid ones.

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