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Studying is important, but it can be very difficult to stay on track, no matter how hard you try to focus on your studies. There’s always something more interesting to do, or a more fun distraction. So how can you stay focused on studying? We’ve put together some of our top school study tips to help you out! Below, you’ll find some great tips from our experts to help you make the most of your study time.

Find the Right Space

Study space is important. If you’re trying to study in a space full of distractions and other people, you’re going to have a hard time. That means that one of the best things you can do to get in the study zone is to create an actual study zone. Ideally, that’s a quiet, secure space in your home where you can just do your thing, but that’s not always possible.

If it’s not possible to make a space at home, try going to a coffee shop, a park, or a library. Somewhere quiet, different, and away from the pressures of home life. Libraries are a good, reliable option in most towns.

Make sure your environment is comfortable, peaceful, and somewhere you want to spend time. If it’s an uncomfortable spot, you won’t want to go there in order to study!

Avoid Notifications

That little pop of the notification bubble on your phone is one of the most distracting things you can face when trying to study. Checking emails or social media accounts will distract you from work, and getting back in the zone can be tough.

One of the most important things you can do when sitting down to study is to turn off notifications. Even better, put your phone in a different room – whatever it takes, make sure you don’t check it till you’re done.

Have an Organizational System

If your notes are a mess, you won’t be able to learn well from them. Keeping things organized will help you keep your thoughts organized, and will make the learning process go much more smoothly. Keep every class in a separate folder, or at least in a separate section of your folder.

Formatting your notes consistently is also part of it. Use clear headings so you can find topics easily, and make sure you put a date on each page so you can track things more easily.

Participate in Class

While it might already be too late for this tip to be useful, if it’s not too late then you can get a major advantage from starting your studies directly in class before revision time. Engaging in class will help information to go into your brain. If you’re directly and actively engaging with the material, it’ll be easier to remember than if you’re just passively listening to the information.


These are just a few of our top school study tips to get you started. They’re not a guaranteed recipe for success, but they should point you in the right direction if you’re still not sure how best to start studying properly!

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