How to Update Operating System of the iPod

Apple doesn't launch updates to the operating machine that powers the ipod as frequently because it does for the iphone.

Apple doesn’t launch updates to the operating machine that powers the ipod as frequently because it does for the iphone. That makes experience; fewer ipods are bought these days and new fashions come out much less frequently, so there are fewer changes to make. But any time it does launch an ipod software program update, you ought to installation it. Those software updates consist of bug fixes, help for brand spanking new features and the modern versions of macos and windows, and different upgrades.

Even higher, they may be usually loose.

You may update ios devices like the iphone or ipad wirelessly over the net. Regrettably, ipods don’t paintings that way. The ipod operating machine can most effective be up to date the usage of itunes.

ipods blanketed with the aid of this article

This newsletter tells you a way to replace the operating system on any model of the subsequent ipod models:

  • ipod traditional
  • ipod nano
  • ipod shuffle

Notice: a version of those instructions could apply to the ipod mini, too, however considering that that tool is so antique that probably almost nobody is using it, i am now not accounting for it here

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What you’ll want

  • One of the ipods indexed above
  • The present day version of itunes, installed to your pc (learn about updating itunes right here)
  • An ipod-compatible usb cable (one ought to have come along with your ipod)
  • A computer

How to update ipod software

To replace your ipod’s running system, observe these steps:

  1. Use the usb cable to connect your ipod on your laptop. Relying to your settings, this may launch itunes and/or sync your ipod. If itunes does now not launch, open it now
  2. Sync your ipod to the pc (if that failed to happen as a part of step 1). This creates a backup of your information. You probably won’t need this (even though it is constantly a very good idea to returned up regularly!), but if something goes wrong with the upgrade, you’ll be happy you have it
  3. Click the ipod icon within the top left nook of itunes, just underneath the playback controls
  4. Click summary inside the left-hand column
  5. In the center of the summary screen, the box at the top consists of multiple portions of useful records. First, it indicates what version of the operating system you’re currently strolling. Then it says whether that version is the today’s working device or if there is a software program update to be had. If a new version is available, click on replace. If you suppose there may be a new edition, however it is not showing up here, you could additionally click take a look at for update
  6. Depending on your laptop and its settings, one-of-a-kind pop-up windows may also appear. They are possibly to invite you to go into your laptop’s password (on a mac) or confirm which you want to download and deploy the software program. Observe these commands
  7. The working machine replace is downloaded for your computer after which established in your ipod. You shouldn’t must do some thing in the course of this step besides wait. How lengthy it takes will depend upon the velocity for your net connection and your laptop, and the scale of the ipod update
  8. After the replace is hooked up, your ipod will routinely restart. While it’s started up again, you may have an ipod running the today’s operating gadget.
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Restoring ipod before updating software program

In a few (now not very common) cases, you can want to restore your ipod to factory settings before you could replace its software program. Restoring your ipod erases all of its records and settings and returns it to the nation it became in while you first got it. After it’s been restored, then you could replace the operating device.

If you need to do this, sync your ipod with itunes first to create a backup of all your information. Then examine this text for step-by using-step commands on how to repair your ipod.

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