How To Use ipconfig – Windows Command Line Utility

Ipconfig is a command line software to be had on all versions of microsoft home windows beginning with windows nt. Ipconfig is designed to be run from the home windows

Ipconfig is a command line software to be had on all versions of microsoft home windows beginning with windows nt. Ipconfig is designed to be run from the home windows command set off. This software allows you to get the ip address information of a home windows computer. It also allows a few control over lively tcp/ip connections. Ipconfig is an opportunity to the older ‘winipcfg’ application.

ipconfig utilization

From the command spark off, kind ‘ipconfig’ to run the utility with default options.

The output of the default command includes the ip cope with, community mask and gateway for all bodily and virtual network adapters.

Ipconfig helps numerous command line options as defined underneath. The command “ipconfig /?” presentations the set of available alternatives.

ipconfig /all

This feature presentations the identical ip addressing statistics for each adapter as the default option. Moreover, it shows dns and wins settings for every adapter.

ipconfig /release

This selection terminates any lively tcp/ip connections on all community adapters and releases the ones ip addresses to be used by different applications. “ipconfig /release” can be used with unique home windows connection names. In this example, the command will have an effect on most effective the specified connections and not all. The command accepts either complete connection names or wildcard names. Examples:

ipconfig /launch “neighborhood vicinity connection 1″ipconfig /launch *neighborhood*

ipconfig /renew

This feature re-establishes tcp/ip connections on all network adapters.

As with the discharge option, ipconfig /renew takes an non-obligatory connection name specifier.

Both /renew and /release alternatives handiest work on customers configured for dynamic (dhcp) addressing.

Observe: the closing alternatives beneath are best to be had on windows 2000 and more recent variations of home windows.

ipconfig /showclassid, ipconfig /setclassid

Those alternatives manipulate dhcp class identifiers.

Dhcp lessons may be described through directors on a dhcp server to use one of a kind community settings to one-of-a-kind styles of clients. This is a complicated function of dhcp usually used in enterprise networks, no longer home networks.

ipconfig /displaydns, ipconfig /flushdns

These options get right of entry to a local dns cache that windows maintains. The /displaydns alternative prints the contents of the cache, and the /flushdns option erases the contents.

This dns cache incorporates a list of faraway server names and the ip addresses (if any) they correspond to. Entries on this cache come from dns lookups that appear whilst trying to visit net web sites, named ftp servers, and other faraway hosts. Windows makes use of this cache to enhance the overall performance of internet explorer and other internet-primarily based applications.

In domestic networking, these dns options are once in a while useful for advanced troubleshooting. If the statistics in your dns cache will become corrupted or outdated, you may face difficulty having access to sure sites on the internet. Recollect these two situations:

  • The ip cope with of a web site, e mail server or other server changes (a rare prevalence). The call and cope with of this website online usually stay for your cache for 24 hours after your remaining go to. You may want to clean your cache to get entry to the server quicker.
  • An internet web site or other server became offline whilst you closing visited it (with a bit of luck an extraordinary prevalence) however on account that has come back on line. The cache will commonly maintain a record that the server is offline for 5 minutes after your remaining go to. You can need to clear your cache to get entry to the server faster.

ipconfig /registerdns

Much like the above options, this selection updates dns settings on the windows laptop. In place of simply accessing the local dns cache, however, this option initiates verbal exchange with each the dns server (and the dhcp server) to re-register with them.

This selection is beneficial in troubleshooting troubles related to a connection with the net provider company, together with failure to attain a dynamic ip deal with or failure to connect to the isp dns server ​​

Just like the /launch and /renew options, /registerdns optionally takes the call(s) of precise adapters to update. If no call parameter is designated, /registerdns updates all adapters.

ipconfig vs. Winipcfg

Prior to home windows 2000, microsoft home windows supported a application called winipcfg in place of ipconfig. As compared to ipconfig, winipcfg furnished comparable ip deal with data however through a primitive graphical consumer interface in preference to the command line.

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