What is Aviator Game App?


In the gambling industry are constantly emerging new options for entertainment. This allows you to diversify the gameplay. But most of the time everything new is just an improvement of the old. Some developers create new entertainment by simply changing the pictures in familiar slots. But in fact it remains the same game. Therefore such changes do not particularly attract players. Here in 2021 the company “Spribe” managed to stand out. They developed a really new game that works in a very different way. It’s called Aviator. In a nutshell, the point is that there is a plane that takes off and the player has to guess how high it will go. If your prediction is correct, you win. Everything is as simple and straightforward as possible. That is why this game has gained so much popularity and can now be played in almost every online casino. Today in this article you will learn more about it.

About Aviator

As mentioned earlier Aviator is not just a typical slot. You will not find the usual attributes of this type of gambling entertainment. The game itself is very simple – there is a plane and it takes off. As the altitude changes and the coefficient changes. It all starts with x1. Interestingly, there is no limit on the maximum. This is one of the main advantages. You must collect your winnings before the plane leaves. If you do, the amount of your winnings will be equal to the size of the bet multiplied by the odds. If you don’t, you lose everything. Aviator is a multiplayer game. On the left side the number of players, their bets and in the case of victory the winners are indicated. The main sections in the Aviator Game:

  • There is a player chat room. In it you can chat with other users. You may use smiley faces, GIFs or share statistics in your messages;
  • Alley of Fame. The bar on the left shows you how many players took part in the round, the size of their bets, the odds and the winner;
  • All winners and their winnings are displayed here. You can see information for a year, a month or a day;
  • Free Bets. If you participate in promotions or raffles you can play for free;
  • You can just play, as well as participate in tournaments. For this you will receive bonus points. At the end of the tournament leaders receive prizes from the company.

Although it’s a game largely on your luck – still have a variety of strategies and tricks to increase the chances of winning. The main thing is to understand the mechanics of the Aviator. Even though she is simple. It is better to observe the game for a few rounds. It is possible even without registration.

How to win in Aviator?

The first thing to understand is that there is no 100% strategy. In any case, you take a risk. The only thing you can do is to use proven methods. That way you’ll have a better chance of success. Since many players have been playing for quite some time they have been able to identify certain subtleties that may help. You can read about them below:

  • A long flight on a small bet. Here a very minimum amount is put and no money is taken until the last. The logic of the strategy is that a small bet is not a pity to lose. However, if it reaches the odds of x10-15, it will bring the player a big winnings. And it can cover the losses from previous losses. When implementing this strategy, they will inevitably occur;
  • Small flight on a big bet. Here a large wager is made, and the money is taken before the plane reaches the odds of 1.5. The latter is necessary to minimize the risk of financial loss. Of course, they will still be – after all, the fighter can be bombed even on the deck of the aircraft carrier before the start of the round. Nevertheless, if you take your money before the 1.5 odds, the probability of losing is extremely small;
  • Combination bet. In this strategy you need to implement the first two. There are two windows specifically for this purpose. In the first, a small bet is made and is not taken away until the last. In the second, a large amount is put, which is withdrawn as soon as possible.

These are the three basic schemes for a successful game. No one can guarantee you a win. In any case, it is a game. You should do an analysis of the previous rounds. If you do this qualitatively, you can roughly predict the value. You should also anodize your rounds during the game. Sometimes you can see a consistency in the algorithm. If you catch this moment, your chances of winning will be very high.

Where to play Aviator?

Aviator is a gambling game and of course besides the official site of Spribe it can be found in other online casinos. Due to the fact that it is simple and not demanding, you may play it on websites and smartphone apps. Learn more about how to download and install Aviator APK on your phone here https://aviatoronline.org/aviator-app/. Also, if you do not want to download the program, you can run the mobile version. Operators have thought of everything for your comfort game. You can play Aviator for real money in India on the following gambling platforms:

  • 1win;
  • 1xbet;
  • Pin-Up;
  • MostBet;
  • Parimatch;
  • 1xSlots;
  • Pure Win;
  • RajaBets;
  • Betway;

These are the top 10 sites. They all accept players from India. Many companies also have a mobile app. They are legal and safe as they are licensed to operate online. You can watch the game, but if you want to earn real money, you need to register. It is a simple process that may be completed in a few clicks. Choose from this ranking the company that you like best. Either way, you will get quality services and a great opportunity to have a good time and earn money.


Aviator is a new and unique game. It has given the world of gambling a breath of fresh air. It’s great popularity, frequent winnings and positive reviews speak volumes. It is already available for gamblers from many countries and of course for India. If you have carefully studied all the information given to you here and have already chosen from the list the site on which you are ready to play, you should not hesitate. The plane is taking off every minute. don’t miss your chance.

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