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How do you get a celebrity noticed on TikTok?


Celebrities: they are everywhere, right? Not only do celebrities dominate our headlines, our TV screens, and our cinema viewings, we now connect with them more than ever on social media apps, such as Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Lots of celebrities like to take the opportunity to express themselves and create a more personal connection between themselves and their fan base, and social media apps are a great way to do this. With TikTok being relatively new on the scene, there have been some celebrities that have taken the bull by the horns and widened their fan base further with this viral entertainment app, and there are definitely a few that you should follow right now.

Especially in the current social climate, people all over the world have been turning to apps such as TikTok to relieve boredom at home, and to entertain friends, family and followers, with the potential to achieve a global reach. TikTok encourages users to watch, like and share short form videos created by other users. These are usually funny videos, and revolve heavily around trending music, dances, and skits. Users can think outside of the box and create an original TikTok video idea, or they can also tap in to trends, such as dance contests, lip-syncing to popular music, or doing various other challenges. The app has fans all over the globe, with each user aiming to build their following, to expand the reach of their video content. There are a whole range of ways you can gain followers on the app, but one of the most efficient is aided by, who can offer a genuine base of followers to boost your profile.

Best Celebrities to follow on TikTok

  1. Britney Spears – @britneyspears

Britney Spears is one celebrity who offers quality entertainment on a number of social media platforms. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts are definitely worth a follow, and she often posts updates about her home life and her children. However, TikTok is really where Britney excels. One of Britney’s favourite types of TikTok posts is dancing videos, and workout videos with her partner. She’s still got all her moves, and she loves to share them with her loyal fan base on the platform. She boasts an impressive 994k followers, and posts fairly regularly.

      2. Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez

This is a power couple who know how to rock social media. While Alex Rodriguez, or A-Rod as you might know him tend to stick to run of the mill personal content on Instagram, TikTok has offered the couple the chance to show off their fun side. J-Lo and A-Rod often incorporate their shared children in the posts, and give a real insight in to their fun and active family life. Some of their best posts are when they join in with a viral trend, such as the ‘Flip the Switch Challenge’. You’ll need to see it to believe it, but it’s definitely worth a watch. The couple have an impressive 685.9 k followers, and I can only imagine this number will continue to rise.

  3. Coco Arquette / Courteney Cox – @cocoarquette

Coco Arquette may not be a name you initially recognise, but her parents certainly are. Coco is the daughter of Courteney Cox, whose iconic performance as Monica in the hit TV series, Friends has earnt her everlasting fame. Courteney makes regular appearances on Coco’s TikTok account, and the pair often join in with viral TikTok trends. Coco posts regularly, and one of her recent posts involving her mother hit headlines. Coco and Courteney danced to the same routine done by Monica and Ross Geller in an unforgettable episode of Friends, ‘The one with the routine’. Obviously, this was a huge hit for Friends fans far and wide, and certainly earned Coco and Courteney a spot on this list.

  4. Jack Black – @jackblack

Although Jack Black does not post quite as regularly as some other celebs, his content is second to none. The same humour he displays in his movies has translated exceptionally well into the TikTok video format, and its quality value for entertainment. If you choose to follow him now, you will also get to see his quarantine look: the beard is very impressive.

      5. Lizzo – @lizzobetikin

Lizzo is one of the most popular celebrities on the platform, boasting a huge 7 million followers, and has garnered over 112 million likes. She posts really regularly, and her content never disappoints. As well as joining in with viral TikTok trends, Lizzo also uses the app to connect with her fan base on a personal level, often posting short monologue videos answering fan questions or sharing her opinion.

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