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Why The World’s Biggest Celebrities Are Investing In Bitcoins?


The marketing industry loves celebrities. And why shouldn’t they? After all, they are celebrated people of the world. Even their birthdays are treated as a national festival for their fans and supporters.

Who can be considered celebrities?

Celebrities are the people who have invested their individuality into the cultural capitals. And if marketing can tap into these individualities, they can open a new world of marketing strategies.

This is why celebrities have proven themselves as one of the pillar factors in improving Cryptocurrencies’ regulation. Celebrities like Lione Messi, Steven Seagal, and Floyd Mayweathere Jr. might be the ambassador of Cryptocurrencies and have accepted payment for creating awareness. There are serious celebrities as well who are affiliated with Crypto trades with a serious passion.

Why Are Celebrities Interested In Bitcoin Investment?

Bitcoin has always been an X factor in the financial industry. The sheer mysterious nature of Bitcoin has made itself famous in every industry. Its influence has also reached the sports and entertainment industry, where several celebrities have shown their interest in understanding the Bitcoin investment to a deeper level.

This has created a new possibility for bitcoin to survive in the trading markets. Till now, many experts have believed that Bitcoin is just a Crypto bubble that might blow up any time. However, with the celebrities backing up this technology, we might see some support from the common masses as well.

Here are the factors that might have grabbed the attention of those who themselves have been the center of attention for several reasons.

New Transaction Network

The Bitcoin investment has brought a new side to the whole investment market. Until now, we were only aware of the centralized form of investment controlled by the authority on their terms and conditions. But today, people have got an opportunity to invest money in assets where they have their own terms and conditions.

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This freedom given by the Bitcoin investment has been the driving force for the increase in the number of investors in the past couple of years.

Immune To Inflation

Fiat currencies and investments are prone to inflation. This inflation increases when the world faces a financial crisis. However, that is not the case for Bitcoin. Bitcoin is limited in the market. That means it will never face inflation. People have become aware of this fact. This is the reason why people are now more interested in bitcoin investment more than traditional investment plans.

Moreover, people have also started to consider that Bitcoin can be one hedge alternative to fight against inflation.

Highly Secure

Bitcoin is supported by the blockchain technology that works on the public ledger principle, which means you get real-time security with every transaction. With the public ledger network, the transaction can be validated by anyone from the network. This makes the transaction safe, secure, and authentic.

The best part of bitcoin transactions is that it cannot be undone once the transaction is done. Though this might look like a double edge sword, if you see it from a security perspective, it is higher than those fiat currency transactions.

Highly Transparent

This might be the second-best reason why celebrities are fond of Bitcoin. Bitcoin works on a blockchain network. Hence, no matter whether you are sharing information or making a transaction, you will be able to see the whole process, unlike fiat currencies transactions, where the intermediary process is hidden.

Due to its transparent nature,m people think that it can work well against corruption. Well, theoretically, it is possible, but it will be hard to achieve practically. Bitcoin technology is still in its early phase, and we are yet to explore all of its grounds. Until we can cover all the grounds, we are not sure about its potency to fight corruption.

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Final Words

For Bitcoin to become the next to the financial revolution, it must prove its authenticity and feasibility to the people. Celebrities or not, if people can start adapting to Bitcoin technology, the world will be a step closer to see a new financial system.

The world is changing and accepting the new trends to better their way of life, but society is stuck on the same financial infrastructure that has been used for thousands of years. If we really want to change the financial system to match the requirement of the modern era, the Block-chain technology is the next step.

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