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Writing a Definition Essay: Problems You Can Meet

Looking for some definition essay ideas? You already know that the main task of a definition essay is to define the meaning of some concept. That’s right, there are that already have concrete meanings, for instance, a table or a particle accelerator. However, there are some abstract terms such as morality, love, or success. The definition of these concepts includes a personal, subjective point of view. So, writing a definition essay you can imagine yourself as a philosopher and let your creative mind flow.

Easy steps of a definition essay writing

  • Introduce the term you will define to your readers.
  • Present some basic information about the term.
  • Use the facts, anecdotes, well-known quotes that would help you to support your opinion. In case you feel that you need a definition essay help, you can always buy essay at

How to choose a term

The step in writing a definition essay is choosing a term you will try to explain. The snag is that you have to be assured that you understand the term yourself before you try to explain it to the audience. So, open a dictionary and find a definition provided there, but do not just copy it. Read it and think about it carefully. Then try to formulate your own seeing of what you have read.

Also, the abstract terms are pretty broad. For instance, if you decided to explain the concept of “love” you should mention that there are different types of love, like “platonic love”, “parents’ love”, “romantic love”, etc.

After you have chosen a term and limited it, you have to formulate a strong thesis statement which you will prove in your body paragraphs. For a definition essay, a thesis has to be a brief, basic definition of the chosen concept.

Writing an effective definition

There are several ways to define the term. You should base on its main characteristics, like function and structure. Explaining through a function means defying a term by means of describing the way it works. Explaining a term trough its structure is showing how something is organized.

It is also beneficial to analyze the chosen term comparing it to some other relative ones and explaining the similarities and differences. Remember that the main things here are the differences, since they make the term unique and actually show what it really is. For instance, compare a Yakutian horse to the other ones.

Ex: A Yakutian horse has a great distinctive feature of the ability to adapt to the extremely cold climate, including the ability to find the grass to eat under the thick snow cover.

It is a good idea to use the facts that are easy to understand as well as some interesting and funny stories. You are free to use an example from your own life that once helped you to understand the concept of your essay.

So, whatever topic you choose, you should feel that you are interested in the topic and really enjoy talking about it.

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