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Oracle global temporary table

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What is global temporary table in oracle ?

  • Temporary tables generally contain all of the features that ordinary tables have like triggers, join cardinality, information about rows and block etc.
  • the main difference is that the temporary tables can't have foreign keys related to other tables.
 process of global temporary tables


( column1 datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ],
 			 column2 datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ],
 			 column_n datatype [ NULL | NOT NULL ]
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  • table_name: The parameter table_name specifies the global temporary table that you want to create.
    • column1, column2, ... column_ n: It specifies the column that you want create in the global temporary table.
    • Every column must have a datatype and should be defined as NULL or NOTNULL.
    • If the value is left blank, it is by default treated as NULL.


  • The following example specifies how to create a global temporary table
( student_id numeric(10) NOT NULL,
 			 student_name varchar2(50) NOT NULL,
  student_address varchar2(50)
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  • This will create a global temporary table called students

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