Oracle Installation - oracle tutorial - sql tutorial

How to install Oracle Software ?

Step 1:

 step 1 oracle installation procedure software wikitechy
    • We must accept the oracle License agreement then only we can able to download it.
    • Here select the software version which you want to download.
  • After that you will getting the Sign In page
 oracle installation procedure sign in wikitechy
    1. If you are already having the oracle account means you just sign in otherwise Create a New account and then Sign In . After that your software will download automatically.

Step 2: Oracle Installation

    • Double click on the setup.exe
 step 2 oracle installation procedure setup
    • Click on the Next button to continue the installation.
 step 3 oracle installation procedure next
 step 4 oracle installation procedure accept
    • Select the radio button for accepting the license agreement.
    • And then click on the Next button.
 step 5 oracle installation procedure select oracle
    • And then click on the Next button to proceed Installation.
 step 6 oracle installation procedure yes
    • Click on the Yes button.
 step 7 oracle installation procedure password
    • Here enter the password for the database. Remember this password because it is used for the SYSTEM and SYS database.
    • Click on the Next button to proceed Installation.
 step 8 oracle installation procedure install
    • Click on the Install button to continue installation.
 step 9 oracle installation procedure installing
    • Wait until the installation process complete.
 step 10 oracle installation procedure installing finish
    • Click on the Finish button to complete the installation.
 step 11 oracle installation procedure oracle icon
    1. Click on the oracle database icon.
 step 12 oracle installation procedure username password
    • Fill the user name as SYS and then type your password which is given before.
 step 13 oracle installation procedure application express
    • Click on the Application Express button.

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