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Oracle intersection

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What is Oracle INTERSECT ?

  • The Oracle INTERSECT operator is used to return the results of 2 or more SELECT statements.
  • However, it only returns the rows selected by all queries or data sets.
  • If a record exists in one query and not in the other, it will be omitted from the INTERSECT results.
Oracle and Intersect Operator


SELECT column_name
FROM Table1
Select column_name
 FROM Table_2;
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FROM wikitechy_employee4
Select name 
FROM wikitechy_employee5;
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  • For better understanding we are using the sample table called wikitechy_employee4
 oracle intersect select
  1. Similarly, we are selecting another table with 3 columns in it.
  intersect select another table

 select and intersect
  1. Using INTERSECT Statement, we are selecting the common field from the above table,

Oracle Union Vs UnionAll Vs Except Vs Intersect

Union UnionAll Except Intersect

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