10 useful hacks of USB Flash Drive you should know

As our existence in the digital world keeps getting more prominent, our need to store our data also keeps increasing. The need for larger storage spaces is also expanding. So, where do we go with all this data? Keeping them in different web addresses and portals is confusing and often results in loss of information. Thus an external storage device like USB Flash Drive can work as a savior here. It is something that is not dependent on servers and works on multiple forms of devices – even the ones that don’t use the internet.

With expanding data size, we also need a compatible storage device that allows us to upload or transfer files easily. That is why your USB Flash Drive should give you unlimited access and flexibility around the use of your data. Of Course, you would want to pick only the best and the fastest ones in the market right now. The newer USB 3.0 Flash Drive devices are capable of reading and writing data faster compare to traditional hard drives which bring the possibilities to use a thumb drive for other purposes as well. Here you will be able to find some commonly unknown USB hacks that you should know!

  1. Running apps on Flash Drive: Many apps don’t need to be installed in a device for it to run. Some softwares can work directly from USB Flash Devices. These apps, also known as portable apps can run through an external storage device as well. This allows the user to carry it with them wherever they go.
  2. Unlocking devices: Did you know that you can unlock your devices using your USB flash drives? Using software like Predator, you can set a password and recovery key so that when we attach the flash drive, the device gets unlocked and when you are done using the device, pull out the USB flash drive and the device will get locked.
  3. Installing Windows: You can also download windows abd create a bootable USB disc in case you don’t have an operating system on your computer
  4. Protect sensitive information: You can set a password or key number on your flash drive so that even if your USB flash drive gets in the wrong hand, no one without the password will be able to access your information.
  5. Saving the device from viruses: USB flash drives also helps you in saving the virus-ridden device. By simply installing a virus scanner on the drive, you can scan your device and also retrieve the affected files.
  6. Additional operating system: Why have just one old OS when you can have two? You can install an additional OS on your flash drive so that you have one that your computer storage supports and another one, preferably an advanced one, for your other needs. However, a large-storage USB flash drive is needed for this.
  7. Recycling old parts: Once your flash drive is old, you can also reuse the old electronic parts and use them in other devices operating on the USB host.
  8. Using CMS offline: If you are a blogger who travels a lot, this use of a USB flash drive will help you a lot. Not having the internet while traveling is a big problem especially when you have an audience out there waiting for your content. However, by installing WordPress on your flash drive you can work on your blog or create a staging environment for testing even when you are offline.
  9.  Password reset disc: If you run a recent Windows system like Windows Vista, your flash drive can be used as a virtual password reset disc. So now, you can make sure that you never get locked out of Windows again.
  10. Increases RAM speed: Storing data on your device affects its RAM speed which in turn again reduces the speed at which computers run. That is why using the USB Flash Drive you can take the load off your device and automatically store it in the external storage.

Thus, now that you know the versatility of this small drive that can hold up your entire life’s data, what are you waiting for? Get one for yourself and never worry about losing data or accessing your data without the internet.

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