17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog - Internet - If you are a Blogger at his beginning stages, ask him monetization strategy and

If you are a Blogger at his beginning stages, ask him monetization strategy and probabilities are pretty high that you will hear ‘AdSense’ from them. Ask a expert blogger the similar thing and he’ll tell you ‘It depends’. Monetization strategy depends on the position of your blog, it stands for the potential target viewers and so forth. While AdSense is prevalent in the monetization strategy of millions of Blogs worldwide, that doesn’t impart you have to put all your eggs in one basket!

There are many outlets on the web that let you market your or other’s product and earn commission from their sales made through you. While creating your identifications in the industry is a must to flourish in different monetization strategies, it doesn’t upset to branch out to a few more possibilities and explore what they have to offer. The current blogging and advertising industry is a fast moving one and traditional beliefs about this industry won’t get you faraway. We will here be covering some of the most knowledgeable ways to make money off your blog, while establishing your identifications as an influencer in the process.

17 Best AdSense Alternatives for your Blog

If you are a blogger and searching for ways to better monetize your Website, you can think better than Google AdSense. Here, We’ll guide you Think Big and discover the possibilities of Website monetizing, beyond Google AdSense. Here are some of the Best Alternatives to Google AdSense.

CPM, CPC and Display Ads

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog is one of the best substitute to adsense offering CPM, CPC and Display ads for construction of blogs and websites. brings up relevant background ads from Yahoo! Bing Network. You can sign up as a publisher here, select your Display ad units and choose to display related and relevant ads from thousands of brands. offers you a Huge Advertisement pool, Mobile advertisements, Better control over your ads, Analytics and much more. executes a minimum payout threshold of $100. Their payment modes include Wire transfer or through PayPal.

Although does not execute a certain level of daily traffic to approve a website as a Publisher, you must have some amount of traffic from UK/US/Canada to be in their better books. Prohibited content include Illegal or Adult content, Promotion of Drugs, Alcohol and such. You can give this network a go for better CPM rates and targeted advertising.

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17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

BuySellAds is a best agency that lets you sell your website advertisement spots to major brands through them. The network is free to join, but is extremely exclusive. That is, you would be needing a good amount of daily visitors and website traffic to get their approval. This service charges a 25% commission of your proceedings on your website and you get to decide which ad units you want to sell and the price for the same.

BuySellAds does not execute a monthly minimum payout threshold and you can also withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account, twice in a month. Higher traffic, not publishing any prohibited content or by having a better history in the online publishing industry could get you easily approved to their network. This is not something for everyone, not at least the bloggers just getting started out. It’s minimum payout threshold is $20.

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Amazon CPM

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

Amazon offers their Connections to sell CPM ads on their website. This network started its operations in 2015 and does not have any pre-requisites for a website to show their ads and even .blogspot domains could make the most of Amazon CPM. You can easily define ad layouts and enhance them to your Amazon CPM list. Although advanced reporting and other features are missing when compared to Google AdSense and other networks, Amazon CPM offers one of the highest CPM Rates in the industry.

This net does not have any minimum requirements to get registered and start displaying advertisements immediately. The minimum payout on Amazon CPM is $100 and checkout the money to your bank account, as Amazon Gift card or delivered as a Check. This charge requires a minimum of 60 days to reflect in your account once a rights is made.

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Affiliate Networks

Affiliates a great way to promote related products on your website or blog and earn commission on each product sale made through your website. Affiliate marketing acts as a great Adsense alternative because it lets you earn more even with a lesser but much targeted traffic. Although, here we will be covering some of the basic Affiliate Networks much suited for Technology products and blogs, these may vary depend on the industry you are operating in.

Amazon Associates

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

Amazon’s Associate programs Affiliate programs which is one of the best you would ever find on the web to market tons of products. Given the global presence of Amazon, it would be easy for you to find a relevant locally available product to promote on your webpage or blog. Amazon offers up to 10% commission on products to their Associates when visitors buy products through your website or Blog.

You can get started by simply registering on their website, choosing the products you wish to promote and add relevant widgets or banner ads to your website. You can also link to these products through in-line text links. You can also track your Amazon Associate offerings through in-detail reporting. Amazon Associate follows a minimum threshold payment of $100 and the other payment details follow the similar pattern witnessed above in Amazon CPM.

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17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

While you may be heard of text link advertisements, VigLink takes text-linking and associate programs to an all new level. VigLink allows users to put affiliate links in-content, instead of just making them pop up some random advertisements. These links open up to Affiliate products and you earn commission on every purchase made through your links.

The best thing about VigLinks there is no ways to affects your SEO and you also get to choose your own products to promote hence making it an easy way of earning money. The commission rate differs from product to product, and it may range from anything between 3-4% to 50% depending on the product. The minimum payment threshold is $10 per month and the payment is made only through PayPal.

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iTunes Affiliates

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

If you operating a blog or website relating to Apple or its products, iTunes Affiliates would be much effective for you rather than any other Advertising strategies. iTunes Affiliates allows anyone with a top-level domain name to Sell Apple products ranging from Apple Music, Movies, Books and apps on your website. You can place Links and widgets on your website to get the commission when a sale is made under 24 hours after clicking your link.

The commission rate differs for different products, but a 7% rate is accepted widely throughout the network. The minimum payment threshold is $30 for US based Affiliates and $50 for worldwide. The payment through this network is Wire transferred to your bank account 90 days after the payment is started.

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Website Hosting Affiliates

Website Hosting Affiliate programs would differ from one service provider to the other. Get started by joining the Affiliate program of the hosting provider that you are depends upon, for which you can provide first-hand experience. Then You can branch out to other popular Website hosting providers and join up their Affiliate programs to start promoting them and earn commission on sales made through your website.

Even though we can’t possibly list out all of the Website Hosting Affiliate programs, here are a few ones to get started with.

Website Hosting Affiliate Program Commission per Sale
Arvixe Affiliate Program $70-135
HostGator Affiliate Program $50-125
InMotion Affiliate Program $75-125
BlueHost Affiliate Program $65-90+
WPEngine Affiliate Program $150+
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The minimum payout and payment modes differ from one service provider to another and it is advisable to check with them before diving in.

Themes affiliates

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

The modern turn of actions, Themes have made it easy even for people with zero to basic level of coding skills to start a beautifully designed website. These Themes form the simple frames of the platform that you’re operating upon and provide a beautiful layout to any website. Themes come in different forms, there are WordPress, Drupal, Ruby on Rails and other such platforms or they are also available as HTML, PHP, Jquery, Bootstrap and other such templates.

Whichever you choose to promote on your website, it would be advisable to go through their Affiliate program FAQs to be in better understanding of their commission rates and such.

Below are a few high paying Affiliate programs to promote Themes and Templates on your website.

Website Themes Affiliate Program Commission % per Sale
Elegant Themes Affiliate Program 50%
ThemeForest Affiliate Program 30%
Mojo Themes Affiliate Program 30%

WordPress Services Affiliates

If you are a role Blogger and WordPress happens to be your main topic of concern, then it makes sense to have WordPress Service affiliate links on your website. Now these could be spread over a wide range of WordPress service providers like Plugin developers, Customization providers and such. Many WordPress Plugin developers themselves offer Affiliate programs to promote their own products. You can sign up for such WordPress service providing Affiliate programs to earn a commission on sales made.

The above mentioned network Themeforest’s parent company Envato also operates CodeCanyon, a network for premium WordPress plugins. You can join up CodeCanyon Affiliate program to promote their WordPress services. You can also look up for more such services and always keep an eye for their Affiliate programs page.

SEO Affiliates

With the growing need for improving and streamlining content for both humans and search engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services are high in demand. There are hundreds of SEO Service providers on the web and below listed are a few tools and services who also happen to offer up their own Affiliate programs.

SEO Affiliate Program Commission % per Sale
SEMRushAffiliate Program 40%
SEOBook Affiliate Program 20% Affiliate Program 30%

These above mentioned tools are just a synopsis of what is in store for SEO Affiliates. You can check up with their individual terms and conditions when it comes to Payment modes and minimum checkout.

Content Syndication

If you are in control of a platform that generates in millions of unique pageviews per month and regularly churns out highest quality content, you might look into Content Syndication. Content Syndication is a profitable opportunity for websites and blogs with huge traffic. You get to promote content from top publishers and also get paid when the are accessed from your end.


17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

Outbrain offers the best Content syndication platform for both publishers and advertisers. With over 80% of the top brands using Outbrain and with a reach of over 561 Million users per month, you can’t go wrong with Outbrain. This is an enormously exclusive network, so look away unless you happen to meet their 1 Million unique pageviews required per month to get accepted.

Outbrain is not essentially open and see-through about their Payment methods and Minimum Payout blocks for its combined publishers. Still, you can be confident that this service offers the best Payout rates when compared to other Content Syndication platforms.

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17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

Taboola is another one of the biggest participants of Outbrain, offering similar content syndication services. Taboola is a bit soft as compared to Outbrain, given the fact that it requires a minimum of 500,000 unique pageviews per month to get accepted. Their CPC ads are posted as sponsored content below your posts, linking to over 1,000 well-recognized brands worldwide.

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Again, just like Outbrain, Taboola too isn’t too transparent when it comes to Payment modes and minimum threshold for payout. These terms would be only made available to their exclusive publishers, but you can assured to have a good Payout rate with Taboola.

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Native Advertising

Syndicate Ads

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

It is a finest network, coming from the team behind BuySellAds. This network is primarily to let Advertisers and Publishers develop high-quality and charming Sponsored posts. You can simply register on their network through an application on their webpage and wait for someone from their team get in touch with you. Even though, no specific requirements are explicitly mentioned, your website’s traffic, social media subscribers and quality of content would be taken into consideration.

SyndicateAds with pair you up with Advertisers ready to provide high-quality, charming Sponsored Posts for your blog and you can choose to publish them or decline them. SyndicateAds takes a share of 10% commission for every Sponsored Post published through their network.

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Sell or Promote Hot Deals

Stack Commerce

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

Stack Commerce is an amazing network that connects the brands and shops with Publishers. If you are an online Publisher with a good following among your audience, you can sell Product deals from Stack Commerce directly on your website and earn commission on sales made.

Stack Commerce would allow publishers to promote related exclusive products and deals, that your audience would find interesting. You can set up Notable display ads or Links to these products. You can create a profile there and get started immediately by choosing a few products to promote and Sell deals on your own webpage.

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Dedicated ‘Deals’ On your Website

Another way to host Deals on your own website, without the interference of a third-party application is through a Dedicated page for it. Make a webpage on your Blog or Website, dedicated uniquely for the purpose of listing out all of the Hot Deals that you’ve found elsewhere. These Deals would be hand-picked by you and your visitors already in conjunct with your blog will find your Deals Page useful.

Help people find valuable Deals and you can earn through it from the referral commission for products.

Sell and Promote your own Services

If you happen to be in control of some kind of knowledge that you feel would make someone else’s life easier, sell it! You can collectively share all your knowledge and skills in the form of an E-book or Online course and sell it online. If you are a programmer, you can build your own Plugins or Scripts and sell them online. You can also create online programming courses and let users pay for access to exclusive content.

Selling your own services on the web not only allows you to earn some money in the process but would also help you establish yourself as an industry influencer. It’s certainly one of the most beneficial AdSense alternative in longer run.

Make provision for Accepting Donations

17 Best AdSense Alternatives to Earn From Your Blog

The final task you could recourse to earn some extra cash online is through PayPal Donation Buttons. Now take one thing carefully about this. If you are providing unique and high-quality content, without the use of Ads on your website, then only add Donation buttons on your website. You can take a look at Brain Pickings and how that website is making use of Donation buttons, since It doesn’t even place website ads and provides daily unique mind-boggling content.

If you have something valuable to offer and are not even annoyance users with ads popping in from every corner, you can Put up Donations Button on your webpage and let your loyal readers pay up your evening’s cup of Coffee!

So, what do you think of these extensive Google AdSense Alternatives for the modern day Publisher?

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