20 Best Hacking Tutorials & Tricks For iPhone

20 Best Hacking Tutorials & Tricks For iPhone - Hacking - This is the top phones tricks website to get all new best hacks and tricks for iOS device

Best iOS (iPhone) Hacks and tricks 2017. IPhone Passcode & iCloud Lock Hacking Tricks 2017. If you are looking for all the best Cydia iOS hacks, tricks, tutorials and tips 2017 to attempt in jailbreak or jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod then this is the top phones tricks website to get all new best hacks and tricks for iOS device. Look for all the tricks that I had discussed on this site.

Best Hacking Tutorials & Tricks For iPhone

Below is tricks and tutorials both for jailbreak and non-jailbreak iPhone.

10 General Tips for NonJailbreak iPhone

1. Charging an iPhone is a big issue as iPhone battery drain very fast. We can charge it faster than usual by using an iPad charger. The iPad adapter will charge iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus faster than the normal adapter.

2. Old messages taking up all the space in the memory. If you are not going to use old messages then you can set automatic deletion of messages and save a lot of space. Go to Settings->Messages > Keep Messages > Choose from 30 days, 1 year or forever.

3. For security-conscious types, you can create a longer, alphanumeric passcode that’s harder to crack than the simple 4 digits. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Toggle off Simple Passcode

4. Selecting lines in a paragraph is not easy on iPhones but you can use double fingers to double tap a distinct line and it will get selected.

5. To take better pictures with HDR you can touch and hold darkest color or area on the picture it will increase the quality of the pictures.

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6. The battery is an issue in iPhones. If the battery is low you can string it out a bit by dimming your screen brightness by swiping up to the quick menu, or go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Turn on Grayscale.

7. Finding places on the map can be difficult when two or more pins are close together. You can zoom in or hold on to one pin until it starts showing details and then without releasing you touch drag to any other pin for details.

8. Shooting videos in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can be easy and better in quality just – head to Settings > Photos & Camera > Record Video at 60 FPS. Your videos will be as steady as if you used a tripod.

9. If you want to hide some personal pictures from showing into camera roll without deleting it then press and hold on the photo and choose Hide, which will create a “Hidden” album in your Albums list. Long press it to make it visible again.

10. Siri is an AI (artificial intelligence) assistant of iPhone and you can tell Siri who your family, friends, and colleagues are by verbally explaining what you want her to know. For example, say “Matthew is my brother”. Siri will ask you if you want her to remember that information. Likewise, if she mispronounces names, reply with “That’s not how you say that.” She’ll then ask you to say it correctly

10 Best Tweak for Jailbreak iPhone


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Winterboard is one of the best Cydia tweak ever which allows you to install themes on your iPhone and for giving it a complete makeover. The tweak comes with tons of paid and free themes, which feature multiple app icons, color palate, background, fonts, and widgets.


Very functional tweak that adds an extra layer of security to your device. Have a spouse or friend creeping around your device? Worry no longer, this tweak allows you to lock individual applications with a TouchID enabled.


The ultimate Reachability tweak. Shrinks your current page to a custom size and includes shortcuts for many functions and applications. This is one of those Cydia tweaks you will truly miss and I mean you will hate yourself if you ever lose your jailbreak after using this tweak.


Reachability has been a new addition in iOS 8 and specially designed for iPhone 6/6 Plus, but due to its limited utility it hasn’t quite taken off. ReachApp allows you to view as well as interact with two apps at one time. As for instance, while composing your email, you can check out other apps and their latest happenings with the split-screen multitasking feature.

CC More

The CC More adds all the necessary widgets on your swipe up notification display and lets you open all of them in a single swipe. For example, you can access stopwatch just through a swipe, or open the camera or take a note.

Springtomize 3

Adjust many aesthetic and functionality settings for anything ranging from your springboard to lock screen to menus and much more. An all in one Cydia tweak.

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Enable a video pane in any application. Watch a video from any source while multitasking. Another feature is taken from Android, an invaluable one at that.


Add custom opening animations to your device when unlocking. It becomes really fun when we use it with some creative and artistic mind. Can help your iPhone look very much interesting.

Facebook ++

It is for people addicted to Facebook. Reinstates Facebook messenger within the app, no need for a separate messaging application. Disable read receipts and save Facebook videos.


Ripped straight from Android, SmartTap is one of those Cydia Tweaks that stands out for a great idea. SmartTap turns your device on when you double tap the screen when it’s off. This can cause extra battery drainage due to it keeping your digitizer activated.

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