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3 Most Important Factors When Designing a Casino Site

Online casino developers have tough competition. The industry has ballooned in size. This has been good, as more players have been engaging with the industry. But it has also meant that there is greater saturation and a smaller audience to engage with. So, developers have to ensure that their sites are optimized for customer engagement and will make people want to play. With this in mind, what are the three major factors developers must consider when competing in such a popular market?

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Game Choice

Arguably the most important facet of the online casino experience is what games are on offer. The site could look polished but won’t attract any players if the backbone – the game selection – doesn’t also entice. So, it’s important that the games are developed with a strong concept in mind. The more games on offer that appeal to customers, the more likely customers are to stick with the site.

One of the best ways of ensuring that games are strong and enthralling is to pick a theme that ties into the game and would inspire people to play. For instance, the Rainbow Riches slot game utilises the theme of the leprechaun and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This is universal and ties into the luck factor that slot games themselves embody. A strong, familiar concept such as this is likely to gain more attention.

Some may argue that a welcome bonus is also important to factor into the site. It is, but it doesn’t determine the usability of the casino. Welcome bonuses are essential for attracting new customers, but if what they find on the site isn’t to their taste, then they’ll immediately bounce off the site and look elsewhere.

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Site Navigation

The next factor that developers must consider when designing an online casino site that attracts and retains players, is the navigation of the site itself. Confusing sites or those which take too long for users to understand are less likely to have repeat visits. So, it’s important to use a strong layout that directs customers to the game tabs, account information, and the ancillary information on the site.

Some sites have hundreds of different styles of game – from online slots to table games, and their live counterparts. Players may not want to sift through every single one of the titles to find a one they might want to play. Being able to search by name, game style, and any other distinguishing features (such as developer) could also help.

If a customer has a query, they should be able to navigate their way to solving this issue. This could be through a signpost to FAQs or to a direct line – email or phone number – to a customer service operator. This ensures that queries can be solved quickly, and players will return.

There are many factors to consider when designing an online casino site. But it’s arguable that the most important is to have a strong game choice – which is the main reason customers are visiting – and to ensure that further navigation is useful. Nailing these two issues means that players are more likely to keep visiting to engage with the site.

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