5 Best Schools to Study Programming

Studyclerk service
Studyclerk service

We are living in a hyper-digitalized world where technology affects each aspect of our lives. Hence, IT experts say that coding will soon become a skill as necessary as reading. Whether it’s an application, a website, or a digital platform – everybody should know at least the basics of its development to be efficient at work.

Why study computer science?

Probably,  one of the most powerful motivators to study programming is the thirst for lucrative careers. However, some people decide to learn how to code for other reasons. For example, they want to enhance their mathematical and logical reasoning skills or get better at problem-solving as they believe that this can help them in many areas of life. Sometimes, individuals choose to study programming because they want to become a part of a big internationally diverse network. Taking on a programming course means having an opportunity to get acquainted with different cultures and to become connected with people from all over the world. Additionally, most jobs in this field provide great flexibility, which also attracts many people. One can easily change the projects to work on or find a position with a flexible schedule.

Is it difficult to study programming?

Although most people believe that it’s extremely difficult to learn programming, the good news is that anyone can cope with it, regardless of their race, gender, or background. With the help of modern education technology, people from all walks of life can develop this skill. However, you must know that challenges are inevitable. Still, no matter what difficulties you face with your programming assignments, you can always find help on the web. Today, there are many online platforms, including college paper writing services, that assist students with their academic tasks. You can turn to the Studyclerk service or similar websites and get prompt answers to any questions related to the studies. This makes the education process easier and more stress-free. Also, it allows you to save time and be more efficient as you don’t get stuck with difficult tasks for too long.

Where to study computer programming?

Today, there are a lot of different alternatives for getting knowledge and skills in the programming field. Ambitious students drive the market for the education of many types, so one can choose among commercial institutions, self-training courses, and community colleges. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can pick an option that suits you best. Below, you can find the list of the five best schools to study computer science in 2021.

  1. University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has one of the oldest computer science departments in the country. Getting a BA in Computer Science at Oxford will take three years. The department offers the following undergraduate programs:

  • Single Honours Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Philosophy.

Students that want to obtain a Master’s degree can prolong their study for one more year. In the fourth year, they will study advanced topics in Computer Science and work on in-depth research projects. It’s important to note that applicants do not need to choose between the three-year and four-year options because they can decide if they wish to continue studying at the beginning of the third year.


different programming languages
different programming languages

Oxford programs put a big emphasis on creating links between theory and practice to help students understand computer systems and networks at a deep level. The university courses are aimed at developing practical problem-solving and programming skills.

  1. Stanford University

The department of computer science was established at Stanford University in 1965 and since then it has been offering bachelor’s and master’s of science degrees. The main purpose of these programs is to help students acquire in-depth knowledge of computer science.

After gaining basic programming skills and learning the mathematical foundations of computer science, young people can move to courses like systems programming, computer architecture, analysis of algorithms, and artificial intelligence. Students are taught to design systems or processes that meet desired needs and fit in different constraints, such as economic, environmental, social, ethical, and so on.

Stanford University offers Ph.D. programs for those who want to conduct research in different areas, including programming systems. The department of computer science puts a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research across chemistry, linguistics, genetics, medicine, and other fields. In Ph.D. programs, young people learn to plan and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret received data.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Since MIT students are encouraged to run ambitious research projects and launch start-ups during their study, a lot of its alumni become influential entrepreneurs that change the world. The university website provides a long list of programs in computer science, so you can find something that fits you best.

Undergraduates have a flexible curriculum that enables focusing on both theory and practice. After learning the fundamental concepts of programming, students start developing their skills of coding in different programming languages. Weekly programming exercises and larger group programming projects are aimed at teaching young people how to write software that is safe from bugs.

  1. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich has a long history of projects dedicated to software development and computer systems design. The department of Computer Science created in 1981 covers many research areas, some of which are computational intelligence, algorithms, distributed systems, and information security. Members of this department have developed programming languages recognized all over the world, such as Pascal, Modula-2, Oberon, and Eiffel.

ETH Zurich provides an excellent bachelor’s degree program that teaches an essential knowledge of mathematics and the principles of computer science. Apart from core subjects, students have an opportunity to choose various electives depending on their personal interests. It’s important to note that the language of instruction in the first year of the study program is German.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University

In 1965, Carnegie Mellon founded one of the first computer science schools in the world that still ranks among the top programs. Today, it’s considered to be a home for visionary leaders that reach legendary achievements.

Undergraduates can study artificial intelligence, computer science, and human-computer interaction. Also, they can pursue interdisciplinary majors in computer science and the arts or music and technology. What’s more, the university provides an opportunity to get additional majors in computational biology and robotics. Those who want to advance their knowledge can apply for a Master’s degree in Computer Science after completing an undergraduate program.

Ph.D. programs at Carnegie Mellon University provide students with a collaborative hands-on environment where they can conduct applied and theoretical research in algorithms, artificial intelligence, and programming languages.


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