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Tips For Owners of Essay Writing Websites

Essay writing websites offer a lot of relief to students with intense assignment load. They are a lifeline for entrepreneurs and students who have take jobs while still in college. They can buy essays from ib extended essay writing service and create more room to work on their businesses or make money by taking a part time job.



But even the best product can have a flow. In the course of ordering assignments, students have identified flaws that affect the effectiveness of these websites. At the same time, experts also have an input on how these websites can serve their purpose better. Here are excellent tips for essay writing website owners.

Optimize the Site for Mobile

A lot of traffic today is coming from mobile phones. Understandably, every student today owns a mobile phone that can access the internet. If they cannot reach your website over mobile searches, they will skip.

An SEO friendly website is responsive, loads faster, and the content will adjust naturally when opened over the phone. The icons are also friendly to the small screen and within clicking distance of the fingers. Add mobile payment options to complete the awesome user experience.

Make the Site SEO Friendly

A lot of students search for essay writing services over search engines. It is natural for a student to pick the top website during such a search. For this reason, ensure that the website can rank high during such searches. Lack of SEO means that search engines cannot see the site. It will remain buried in the deeper pages of the internet where it will never be seen.

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SEO optimization begins from the domain name. Make it natural and easy to find for anyone looking for writing services. Optimize the titles and content using keywords. Include captions on your photos and your website will improve in performance. You can also add blogs on the website to improve visibility and ranking.

Improve on Confidentiality

A good essay writing website conceals all the information received from clients. Emails, phone numbers, and other details shared by the client must remain anonymous. Even the transactions made should remain a secret.

Students understand the need to protect their identity. Should they feel threatened that their personal details will be shared to the public, they will flee from your website. Keep the secrets and you will be guaranteed return customers for your writing services.

Vet Writers

Vet writers working on your website to guarantee quality. Ensure that they register to offer services in particular sections where they are qualified. If they submit low quality essays, your students will flee.

Make the Site 24/7

There is no determining when students will come looking for essay writing help. Some ask for help in the middle of the night or on Sunday evening when they realize that they cannot complete an assignment. Open a 24/7 system where a student is assured of a quick turnaround and close to instant solutions.

Students love discounts and reasonable prices. Use such offers to entice them to return to the site. If you can solve their homework crisis, you are guaranteed a steady flow of clients.

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