7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android

7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android - Mobile - Android's warning focus has developed a great deal throughout the years and its presently to its
  • Android’s notice focus has dependably been on the ball, with different stages like iOS and Windows Phone duplicating the execution. Android’s warning focus has developed a great deal throughout the years and its presently highlight stuffed to its center. Be that as it may, as with each other application or highlight, Android’s execution has a couple of weaknesses.
  • The Android notice focus does not include a center point to control the majority of the exercises and keeping in mind that there is an approach to see all the notice history or log, we would love a superior usage. We would likewise love to see more customization alternatives in the notice focus. Gratefully, Android’s open nature ensures there are a considerable measure of outsider applications that fill in as a notice focus substitution. We tried out the different notice applications for Android and we found the best among them.

Best Apps to Replace Android Notification Center

  • Note:For third party notification apps to work, you will have to first enable “Notifications Access” in your device’s Settings->Sound & Notification->Notification Access.

1. Snowball

  • Snowball is another notice application yet it’s exceptionally competent and our most loved warning application of the part. Dissimilar to most different applications on the rundown, Snowball replaces your default stock warning focus. The Snowball warning focus orders notices into “Vital” and “Everything Else”. There’s likewise capacity to conceal notices, which appear in the “Hidden” tab. The Snowball notice focus likewise includes a hunt bar to discover contacts and applications alongside switches and settings available through a descending swipe.

7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android

  • The application gives you the capacity to pick which applications you esteem commendable for essential notices and which applications’ notices ought to be covered up. The disturbing non-clearable warnings also can be placed in the concealed tab. Alongside that, there are likewise choices to change text styles, empower heads up warnings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In addition, the application gives you a chance to communicate with warnings in the notice focus. For example, there’s capacity to answer to WhatsApp messages from the notice focus itself. While there aren’t numerous customization choices, regardless we adore what the application offers. It’s smooth and it makes taking care of huge amounts of warnings a considerable measure less demanding. Since the application is still new and picking up footing, we can anticipate that the future updates will improve Snowball even.
  • Install:(Free)
  • Compatibility:Android 4.4 and up.

2. Dynamic Notifications

  • If you’ve used a newer Motorola smartphone or Microsoft’s Lumia devices, you are already aware of what Dynamic Notifications brings. Similar to Moto Display feature and Lumia’s Glance, Dynamic Notifications lets you check your notifications without even unlocking your smartphone. The app shows you the clock, time, a lock button that can be used to open the apps you choose and notifications. You can press hold on a notification to see more details. There are also options to change the background image & color and choose apps you want to be able to access directly from Dynamic Notifications screen.
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7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android

  • The free version is pretty limited when it comes to features and you should get the Premium version if you want to unlock all the advanced features. The Premium version of the app brings breathing notifications (notifications only appear once), night mode, auto wake, custom brightness, widgets etc. It also brings the ability to edit swipe actions, use Dynamic Notifications as lockscreen and hide additional details. The app is surely handy if you don’t want to go through the hassle of unlocking and checking your notifications all the time. Most importantly, the app works like a charm.
  • Install:(FreePremium version $1.99)
  • Compatibility:Android 4.0 and up.

3. Metro Notifications

  • Metro Notifications is a pretty extensive notification app, which lets you control notifications for each and every app. The app brings heads-up notifications for third party as well as system apps. It lets you choose a custom color, ringtone, vibration pattern and behavior for each of the apps available on your device. You can also choose to disable Metro notifications for an app you don’t want notifications for. There’s also ability to alter notification’s display time, appearance, icons etc.

7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android

  • Metro also brings advanced features like floating mode (on supported ROMs only), downtime of notifications and more. While there are tons of amazing features, most of them are locked in the free version. To unlock all the features, you will have to buy the Premium version of the app through an in-app purchase. On the user interface front, the app incorporates Material Design and looks great but finding some features can be slightly confusing at times. In our testing, the app performed well and it was smooth all around but there were some sudden crashes at times. Well, hopefully the developers will fix these hiccups in the future iterations. If you want to control notifications of each app on your device, Metro Notifications should be a good choice.
  • Install:(Free with in-app purchase for Premium version)
  • Compatibility:Android 4.1 and up.

4. Floatifications

  • If you like Facebook’s chat heads feature, you are going to love Floatifications. The popular notification app implements the chat heads feature for all the apps in your device. Along with the chat heads implementation, Floatifications brings a ton of other features and customization options. The app lets you decide if you want popup bubbles for an app or not. It shows you app popups when a notification arrives and you can peek into them to see a notification or just go into the app. There’s also ability to stack notifications, which shows all the notifications from an app or else it only shows you the recent notifications, You can also set an app (apps like Gmail or Messaging) to show extra text in the popup.
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7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android

  • There are tons of other options like ability to choose app icons, pin apps for priority, option to set manually which apps turn on the screen, heads up notifications, action buttons, blacklist (hides all notifications in a blacklisted app, where you don’t want the popups) and lot more. Overall, the app works well and the chat heads implementation is certainly quite handy. Having said that, the app and all its complexity take some time before you get used to it. There are also minor interface issues if you have a device with on-screen navigation buttons. Apart from the aforementioned issues, the app works great in bringing you notifications in a unique way. The app is available for a free trial for 14 days, after which you will have to get the full version.
  • Install:(Free trialFull version $1.8)
  • Compatibility:Android 3.0 and up.

5. Heads-up notifications

  • Heads-up notifications is one of popular notification apps on the Play Store and rightly so. The app brings a no-nonsense approach and it’s to the point. The home page of the app is pretty straightforward with the option to disable Heads-up, Settings, Test notifications from the app and Help. The Settings page is where the action lies. There are options to filter apps, set notification priority, block apps etc. You can set what actions you can make on a heads-up notification like dismiss on swipe, open as a floating window and more.

7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android

  • You can also choose how your notification looks. There are various themes including Lollipop styles, Ubuntu, light & dark or you can set it at random. There’s ability to set a notification’s position, opacity, font size and more. The app also lets you enable lockscreen notifications and you can customize them as well. If you have a device running an Android version previous to 5.0 Lollipop and you want the latest heads-up notifications feature, this is the app to get. It not only emulates Lollipop’s notifications style but adds a ton of other options for you to customize notifications the way you want to. Even if you have a device running Android 5.0 Lollipop or up, you can still check out Heads-up notifications, as its customization features can’t be matched by stock Android.
  • Install:(Free)
  • Compatibility:Varies with device.
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6. Light Flow

  • Light Flow is a popular notification app, which lets you control the way every notification behaves. The app also brings the BeBuzz/BerryBuzz feature we loved from older BlackBerry devices, which used to let users control a BlackBerry’s notification LED. Light Flow lets you change the ringtone, vibration pattern, notification LED duration, LED flash rate, volume level in different situations and notification color of every app or action. You can also disable notifications from a certain app to system services as well.
  • There’s also the option to set notification priorities along with advanced options of notification control style, special settings for rooted devices and more. It also lets your backup your settings, in case you aremoving to another phone but want Light Flow’s notification settings in place. Light Flow is available in a free as well as a full version. The full version of the app brings support for more system services & apps, quicker successive notification colors and removes ads. The app is pretty feature rich but we did face some issues like missed notifications at times. You should try this app to get the control on all app notifications and notification LEDs but it might be a slightly inconsistent ride ahead.
  • Install:(Free with in-app purchase of $2.49 for full version)
  • Compatibility: Varies with device.

7. Flash Notification 2

  • Flash Notification 2 brings a huge twist in the way your notifications get delivered. Unlike other apps on the list, the app doesn’t use notification LEDs of a device to bring customization, instead the app uses the LED flash that accompanies your smartphone’s rear camera. In case your device doesn’t feature an LED flash, the app will use your screen’s brightness to lighten things up. The app starts flashing for certain notifications and there are a couple of flash types to choose from.

7 Best Smart Notification Apps for Android

  • Flash Notification 2 also lets you set the time when you want the flash notification and when not. There are also options to delay flashes, set the number of flashes per second, screen flash color and more. While this app might not appeal to everyone, it’s a good option for people who want to light up a room with their notification alerts. The app is available for free on the Play Store, so give it a try!
  • Install:(Free)
  • Compatibility:Android 2.3 and up.

Check your notifications with some twist!

  • These notifications apps for Android certainly make a great difference to the way we are used to handle notifications. The beauty of Android is its flexibility and the control it gives to the users and these amazing notification apps are its proof. You should definitely give these apps a try if you have been bored with the same monotonous notifications.

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